Children struggling with eating disorders 29 July 2013More boys are developing eating disorders, and children as young as 9 are being admitted to hospital with anorexia.The increasing pressure on children and teens to be a certain shape and size had contributed to a rising number of young people battling eating disorders, Wellington Hospital adolescent physician Anganette Hall said.On top of striving to look like skinny celebrities on magazine covers, there was a growing fear about obesity that was impacting on relationships with food.“What’s portrayed in the media is not reality,” Hall said. Other factors, such as bullying about weight and negative comments from others about food and weight, could also play a part.“Some people are just genetically more likely to get an eating disorder and some because of their personality characteristics . . . perfectionist, obsessive and intelligent,” she said. “It is more common in the white middle-upper class, but we do see people from low socio-economic groups.” read more

Fernandinho plays down incident

first_img But the midfielder told the Manchester Evening News that was because he had a calf injury and was unwell, and insisted the incident had been blown out of all proportion. He said: “I have seen a few things about this, and people are creating and telling stories, even though it didn’t happen that way “Every player in every team speaks to each other in order to improve the quality on the pitch – that communication is necessary. You have to talk, and that is what happened. “There was a conversation, and not much more than that. I don’t know why people actually thought there was a fight – we spoke about how we could improve things in that match. “I don’t have anything bad to say about Vinny – he is a great player, a great team member, and I have always liked him. It’s very weird that this story actually came up, for something so small to suddenly become so big. “It was nothing major. There were other people around us, and you have to raise your voice a little bit. There was no fight, just a conversation. “Myself and Vinny spoke about it that day, and everything was settled on that day, finished.” Kompany and Fernandinho could both be in the side for Saturday’s Premier League trip to Burnley. Press Association Fernandinho has insisted his alleged bust-up with Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany was nothing more than a conversation.center_img The pair were rumoured to have had a row at half-time during the defeat by Liverpool last month. City were this week forced to deny that was the reason neither was in the starting line-up against Leicester three days later, with Kompany on the bench and Fernandinho not in the squad. last_img read more

Letters to the Editor, July 2007

first_imgFUTURE TENSEYoung professionals seem to be devoting too much of attention to work (“Home Alone”, July 16). What they don’t realise is that they are rushing into the future and neglecting their present, the repercussions of which will be seen much later.-MANSI ANEJA, Bangalore The cover story is thought provoking.,FUTURE TENSEYoung professionals seem to be devoting too much of attention to work (“Home Alone”, July 16). What they don’t realise is that they are rushing into the future and neglecting their present, the repercussions of which will be seen much later.-MANSI ANEJA, Bangalore The cover story is thought provoking. The old deserve financial andfamilial attention in recognition of their contribution during theproductive years.-UDAYA S. MISHRA, on e-mail  In countries like Japan and China, annual appraisal of an employee depends on how one takes care of his/her parents. The required data is collected without the knowledge of the employee in collaboration with the parents. The private sector in India should adopt such measures to ensure workable relationship between the old and the young. -P.V. ARIEL, Secunderabad It is disheartening to read about the agonising life of senior citizens in India. Time is not far away when the last rites of the deceased will be performed without the attendance of their children. -CHANDER BHAT, on e-mailIt is not fair to blame the younger generation alone. The old should own up equal responsibility to bridge the gap between them and their children. Both generations should give each other space and independence. They are key to a healthy relationship. -MAN MOHAN BHATIA, DelhiYoungsters will realise and repent only when they will be disowned and discarded by their own children in the future. In their pursuit of acquiring wealth in today’s booming economy, they should not forget those who gave them birth. They should be scared of natural justice. -K. CHIDANAND KUMAR, BangaloreThe old feeling isolated is too frivolous a topic for a cover story. It didn’t deserve such a mammoth display. While so much is happening in and around India, INDIA TODAY could have chosen something more contemporary as its main story.-R.SINGH, DelhiAlthough a poignant article, the cover story did not deal with the true sandwich generation. With some senior citizens suffering at the hands of the younger lot, it is unfair to club everyone in one single category. Just like no two children can be compared, two adults too can’t be equated. -CHANDRIKA R. KRISHNAN, Bangalore  GENERAL UNREST General Pervez Musharraf may have demonstrated his commitment to fight back radical Islamism and the resurgent neo-Taliban (“Taking on the Mullahs”, July 16). However, what he doesn’t understand is that he may have just provoked many more such revolts around the country. J. -AKSHAY, SecunderabadThe year 2007 hasn’t proved lucky for Musharraf. First, he suffered setbacks from the judiciary for suspending Pakistan’s Chief Justice. And now he is pitted against another powerful political class: the mullahs. This is just a premonition of what is to come in the forthcoming elections. -CHETAN PRABHAKAR, Gurgaon  WONDER FULLTaj Mahal has retained its status in the Seven Wonders of the World (“A Vote of Love”, July 16). Without doubt, Taj is a symbol of love, as the number of votes it garnered to be a wonder stand testimony to the people’s love for it. A partof credit should go to the Supreme Court, which, to prevent the Taj from decaying, has prohibited construction around the monument. -K.PRADEEP, ChennaiSPORTING GLORYEvery state should take a cue from Gujarat on how to nurture their sportspersons (“The Rule of Iron”, July 16). The story brings a ray of hope that India will one day produce world class athletes. -SIDDHARTH GARG, DelhiMEDIA-CENTRICRakhi Sawant’s candid confession that media is her godfather is really praiseworthy (“Seedhi Baat”, July 16). She is, in fact, the creation of media hype only. -GAUTAM BHUYAN, BangaloreNEGATIVE ENERGYFor energy security in the country, the Government should first ban sale of new cars, especially in metros (“High Octane Crisis”, July 16). It is important not only for energy security, but also for controlling pollution in big cities, which in someway, is contributing to erratic weather changes. -RAHUL GARG, Delhi HISTORICAL SECRETSSuddenly publishers in India have taken it upon themselves to brush up the nation’s sense of history (“An Enchanted Past”, July 16). If Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten got along famously, Gandhi, too, had his share of controversies. With each new release promising to unsheathe some of the guarded secrets of pre-IndependenceIndia, walking down the trails of the past has never been so exciting. -ALAP MOHAN, Bangalore VALLEY OF DEATHThe growing number of suicides in Kashmir is a cause of concern for the state Government (“Extremism of Another Kind”, July 9). It should try and identify problems that are driving the youth towards suicide. Also, nongovernment organisations should take steps to introduce classes for those suffering from depression. -PRARTHANA ACHARYYA, GuwahatiAN EYE OPENER The story on useless ministries is thought provoking (“White Elephants”, June 18). It is disheartening to know that the creation of a plethora of departments has killed accountability. Language is bold, it depicts the flaws of the Government. -V.R. VENKATAKRISHNAN, Cochin DEVIL AND DEEP SEAadvertisementadvertisement Bhairon SinghShekhawat has his own reasons for fighting the Presidential Poll (“Whyis he Fighting”, July 16). Apart from BJP, he enjoys tacit support ofmany MPs and MLAs. At 83, even if he loses the election, his spirit isgoing to win.  -VIRENDRA KUMAR TANGRI, Dehradun I understand the hoopla against Pratibha Patil becoming the nextPresident. But her opponent is equally unworthy of the coveted post.What are the credentials of Shekhawat apart from being an old warhorsein politics?  -ALPANA DAS, Delhi It’s sad that Shekhawat has been pitted against Patil who is a stubbornloyalist of the Gandhi family. Politics played over the post of thePresident will be marked as one of the darkest chapters of Indianpolitics.  -PARANJYOTI DUTTA, Teok, Assamlast_img read more


first_imgBengaluru, May 13(PTI) Following are the results ofBengaluru, May 13(PTI) Following are the results of 1st day races held here today.1st race: Welcome Plate 1200M: Grand Empire (MAM Ramaswaymy Chettiar Charitable Trust) 56 Srinath 1, As Time Goes By 54.5 Suraj 2, Habanero 56 Mukesh Kumar 3, Afrikaner 56 Trevor 4. Not Run: Indian Rocket. 5 l, Nk, 1 l. T: 1:15.16. Tote: Rs 55 (W). 19, 43, 40 (P). Fc: Rs 572. Q: Rs 258. Shp: Rs 131. Trinalla: Rs 3,409 & 1,779. Exacta: Rs 16,011 & 3,431. Fav: Afrikaner (Ganapathy).(MORE) PTI COR RBSlast_img