Angry Birds is coming to RIMs PlayBook

first_imgRIM is currently holding its 2011 keynote at the BlackBerry World Conference in Orlando, Florida. One of the announcements that will come as no surprise to anyone is news of a popular game coming to the PlayBook tablet platform.In case you hadn’t guessed already, that game is Angry Birds which is already available or coming soon for just about every platform there is.Rovio has already left its mark on the App Store by topping the charts with the title. Since then we’ve seen releases across multiple platforms as well as Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Magic. All versions do well and remain popular meaning Rovio will continue to milk the IP for as long as possible.As to what PlayBook owners will be getting, we expect a straight port of the original game, but all will become clear once Rovio has the title finished. As for when it will land, all RIM said during the keynote was “soon”.While those of you sick of hearing about Angry Birds may be questioning a release on yet another platform, I’m sure Rovio and RIM just see the sales potential for a very popular game and another set of users (business gamers?) who may not have been exposed to it before.via Reuters and @saschaseganlast_img read more