Apple files patent for Kinectlike device

first_imgWith the success of Microsoft’s Kinect device on both Windows PCs and the 360, you knew it was only a matter of time before the folks at Cupertino would try to cash in on motion control. Pictured above is an image taken from a patent application submitted by Apple that outlines a “three-dimensional imaging and display system”, that looks to be used in conjunction with an older model of iMac (we checked the dates, the patent was submitted August 17th of this year).The concept illustrated here is pretty simple, the square device laying in front of the user on the table is the motion sensor that detects gestures and movements for user interactions. Using an infrared laser, the unit makes an imaginary “box” represented by the dotted lines that a user puts their hands inside to manipulate their desktop. While it certainly looks interesting, there are some perceived limitations to this design. How will the unit differentiate between a human and other objects? This is where the patent in question falls more into the category of the Nintendo Wii rather than the Microsoft Kinect.Think about when you first played the tennis game on a Nintendo Wii. You know you were busting shots like John McEnroe, jumping all around the room and coming dangerously close to smashing into walls and other people; that is until you learned that all you have to do is flick your wrist a tiny bit to get the players on screen to react.The Wii reads motion, which makes it a “dumb” terminal of sorts, and thus easy to trick. Just give it the simple input it’s looking for and it responds. The Kinect however, is responding to you. Microsoft’s wonder device is much deeper in concept and design. Unless we’re missing something this Apple concept also acts like a dumb terminal; instead of waggling a controller, you waggle your hands to make things happen. Of course, it’s more complex than that, but you get the general idea.Who knows what Apple has up its sleeve? The device in question could be one piece of a larger puzzle of awesomeness that will blow the Kinect out of the water. It almost has to be assumed that there is something else in the wings that is going to be called “magical”. Only time will tell.Read more at Unwired Viewlast_img read more