Nintendo DS gets voice recognition and cloud storage for teaching

first_imgNintendo‘s main focus has moved from its very popular DS portable gaming unit to the 3DS. However, in its home territory work is still being carried out to extend the usefulness of the last generation device. The latest innovation is aimed at bringing the DS into the classroom. Not for gaming, but to aid with learning by recording lessons. Nintendo has teamed up with NTT to implement voice recognition on the DS. With the voice recognition software running, students will be able to record what a teacher says in text form for later review. Rather than rely on storage on the DS, the recording of this information is stored in the cloud, taking advantage of NTT’s established mobile network to upload it. When a student wants to review a lesson they’ve attended (or indeed missed) it is brought up on their DS as a virtual blackboard. Unfortunately, no voice is recorded alongside the text as far as I can tell, which seems like a missed opportunity. But then the main purpose of the system is to aid disabled children such as those that are hard of hearing.The new system is still in development with trials beginning in Tottori Prefecture and Okinawa. Further development will also see the recorded text become interactive depending on the subject matter. There’s also a chance for this system to have a much wider appeal as it can apparently turn a DS into a communication device, allowing students to interact.The Japanese-language news report below gives you a glimpse of what the app looks like and how the teacher records his voice. Hopefully the final system will allow him to teach hands free rather than relying on a handheld recorder.Read more at NHK (translated), via Andriasanglast_img read more