The invincible Liverpool has not lost in the Premier for a year

first_imgIn these 37 league matches that have passed, one less than the 38 that has yet to dispute, Liverpool has added 101 points -one more than the record set by Guardiola in 17-18-, 32 wins and scored 89 goals. Mané, with 25, Salah, with 19, and Firmino, with 10, have been his top gunners, while Alexander-Arnold, with 17, and Robertson, with 13, have been the best distributing goal passes.The next rival of Atlético de Madrid in Europe comes as the third team ever from England in get this feat, although the record, they have it The invincibles of Arsenal in 49 games without falling, It is still far away. The Liverpool victory before Sheffield United it meant a lot More than three points. The goals of Mané and Salah became the ink and the pen with which the reds they wrote their name in the history of the Premier, as, 365 days laterfollow undefeated in a competition that has been resisted for three decades, when the English league was not even called Premier League. This year, when they arrive with the world champions badge embroidered on the chest, there is no other goal for those of Klopp.And is that the January 3, 2019 brings bitter memories for fans of the city of Beatles. That was when he Manchester City, that reached seven points to the encounter, inflicted them his last defeat and began to turn around a title that was lost in a sea of ​​draws. The conquest of the Champions League was more than balsamicYes, but in England there is a special fetish with national hegemony and ending a curse at the end of the last century.last_img read more