Helpful, Healthy Fats.

first_imgFat substitutes of the future may do more than reduce yourfat intake, thanks to University of Georgia research.Casimir Akoh, a food science professor with the UGA Collegeof Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, is developing fatsubstitutes designed with added health benefits.”People are asking, ‘What’s in this oil for me?’ and that’sthe question I’m trying to answer,” he said. “I’m workingon fats that are beneficial, but don’t make you too fat.”To do this, Akoh modifies the fat to enhance the way our bodiesabsorb it. He is also creating new fats with nutritional benefits.Lower Cholesterol, Improve Brain Development”When these new fats are absorbed, they will help boostyour immune system,” Akoh said. “When added to foodproducts, they help improve food properties and can help hospitalpatients recover quicker, help lower cholesterol, and even improvebrain development.”Akoh is fashioning a variety of healthy, digestible low-caloriefat substitutes, called structured lipids, by exchanging propertiesof one fatty acid for those of another. One of his fat substituteswas created from medium- and long-chain fatty acids from fishoil.To create the new fat substitutes, Akoh uses enzymes to blendlong-chain fatty acids, like those in vegetable and fish oils,with short- or medium-chain fatty acids. The long-chain fattyacids provide nutritional qualities, while the short- and medium-chainfatty acids metabolize faster and provide quick energy.”The combination of fatty acids is important,” hesaid, “because they each deliver benefits via two differentphysiological pathways: the long chains through the lymph system,and the short and medium chains through the circulatory system.”It Has to Taste Good”Consumers want foods with minimal to no fat or calories,but they also want foods that taste good,” he said. “Becauseseveral foods containing fat replacers don’t compare favorablywith their full-fat counterparts, it’s difficult for some peopleto maintain a reduced-fat diet regime.”A perfect example is the fat replacer Olestra, which was developedby Proctor & Gamble. Olestra is used as a fat substitute insuch snack products as fat-free Pringles potato chips.”Our bodies don’t absorb or metabolize Olestra,”said Akoh. “This causes Olestra to have side effects likeabdominal cramping and loose stools.”Despite the possible side effects, Akoh said consumers do gethealth benefits from Olestra as a replacement for conventionalfat.Unlike Olestra, which is marketed to people on reduced-fatdiets, Akoh’s new oils would be targeted to more specific consumers.Helping Targeted Groups”We’re trying to develop these oils for specific groups,like people with cystic fibrosis or AIDS patients,” he said.”The oil would be created especially for their health needs.”In lab tests, Akoh’s fish-oil structured lipid (fat substitute)has been shown to reduce cholesterol by 49 percent and boost theimmune system by increasing thymus cells 19 percent. The thymusis a ductless gland composed mainly of lymphoid cells. It playsa part in the body’s immune system.”This could be of benefit to AIDS patients who have lowT-cell counts,” he said.These new fats could be used in salad dressings, beverages,infant formulas and medical intravenous solutions. So far, though,they haven’t made it into the commercial market.”Right now, there’s no single, ideal fat replacer thatcan recreate all the functional and sensory attributes of fat,”Akoh said.”Consumers just have to remember that there’s no ‘magicbullet’ to achieving dietary goals,” he said. “You shouldcombine proper nutrition, dietary variety, a healthy lifestyleand regular exercise, and reduce your total dietary fat by choosingfoods formulated with fat replacers.”(JaneSanders contributed to this article.)last_img read more

WRC coming to Croatia? Croatia gets the green light for WRC candidacy

first_imgThe leader of the World Rally Championship – the popular WRC, Oliver Ciesla, visited Zagreb and officially offered Croatia the WRC candidate race in 2020, reports the Croatian Auto and Karting Association. Feasibility studies from 2018 prepared by the Faculty of Economics and Tourism from Pula, headed by prof. dr. sc. Robert Zenzerović, Cooperative for Ethical Financing from Zagreb and an abbreviated study Department of Economics and Sports Management of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb headed by Dr. sc. Sanela Škorić et al. Matom Bartoluciem from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, and based on data from other WRC races in the world, proves that this is a project of great benefit to the Republic of Croatia. “We plan to come to the candidacy rally and if all goes well by the end of the year, all doors are open to Croatia to become part of the World Rally Championship in the future! ” said Oliver Ciesla, director of the WRC Official WRC data in Portugal for 2016 show that the WRC race was watched live by 910.000 spectators (50% were foreigners; half of them from neighboring Spain). The direct impact on the Portuguese economy was a staggering € 67,6 million while the indirect effects were € 61,7 million. In terms of tourism, Portugal realizes more than 1.5 million overnight stays a year from the WRC alone! The story of the WRC in Croatia was started by our celebrated rally drivers Daniel Šaškin and Marin Frčko, and after almost seven years of working on the project, this official offer is the result.  The World Rally Championship is watched by more than 700 million spectators annually, of which four million spectators watched 2016 annual WRC races along the track in 13, while the Media World Rally Championship is watched by 1350 accredited journalists, more than 12.000 hours of TV programs are produced. The WRC program is broadcast in 155 countries around the world. Cost-effectiveness study Croatia has never been closer to winning the race of the second most watched octane sport in the world. This was confirmed by the head of the WRC, Oliver Ciesla, who held a series of meetings in Zagreb with the president and general secretary of the Croatian Auto and Karting Association, the city of Zagreb and potential organizers. As a potential candidate race date it has been suggested November, and Zagreb got the opportunity to host the world rally cream this year. The City of Zagreb supports the project and has expressed the desire for Zagreb to emerge on the map of sports that is followed by over 80 million fans. “After seven years of talks about the WRC in Croatia, we have an official offer to make a final check after which the doors of the WRC open. The importance of this event for Croatia is also evidenced by the support of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and other institutions. I hope that the professional teams will conclude everything important for the realization of the candidate race at the end of the year in the next ten days. I thank the mayor, our organizing team and of course the WRC promoter for the specific offer. There is a lot of agreement ahead of us, but we are on the right track. ” said Davorin Stetner, president of the Croatian Auto and Karting Association In the most conservative calculations, the generated consumption would amount to 22 million euros. The direct profit for the state, only through VAT, is at least four million euros, while the indirect profit of the project through media effects is a huge 41 million euros. In any case, the arrival of the WRC would be a great promotion of Croatia, and another global spectacle in Croatia.last_img read more

NHL playoffs 2019: Maple Leafs must fix suspect penalty kill against Bruins in Game 7

first_imgThe number is 56 percent.That was the probability of the Toronto Maple Leafs advancing past the Boston Bruins entering Sunday’s Game 6. That number reflects the Maple Leafs’ proficiency killing penalties through the first six games of their Eastern Conference first-round series. “Keeping them out of the zone is the best way to stop them because once they get in there… we did a great job limiting some of the stuff they were looking for yesterday and they still scored two in the first period,” Hainsey said. “One was off a broken play, back door off a rebound and another one off the draw but you’re in your zone long enough against great players like this, sometimes they go in.”Another area that needs to improve is defensive zone faceoffs while shorthanded. Patrice Bergeron went 4-for-4 in Game 6, winning three against Zach Hyman and one against Frederik Gauthier.“We’re at our best when we’re winning the draw, getting the puck out and keeping them from getting set up because when they get set up, they have the ability to put the puck in the net there’s no question about that,” Hainsey said. Of all the areas the Maple Leafs have improved since they met the Bruins in last year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, killing penalties is not one of them. It needs to be better and the Maple Leafs know it. Otherwise, the probability of winning after Game 7 might as well be zero percent.NHL PLAYOFFS 2019: Maple Leafs must end 68-year drought to top Bruins in Game 7“Just pressure,” forward Mitch Marner, who has averaged 2:11 of shorthanded ice time in the playoffs, said on Monday when asked what needs to change. “We gave them too much time and space last game on the power play.”It was the difference between a win and a ticket to the second to face the Columbus Blue Jackets or facing the Bruins in a Game 7 for the second straight year.The Maple Leafs looked strong through the first ten minutes of Game 6. They hit a goal post and put one through the legs of Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask, which ended up sliding just by the post before Morgan Rielly opened the scoring at 9:42. But then Tyler Ennis took a holding penalty on the next shift, which led to Brad Marchand’s game-tying goal. Minutes later, Travis Dermott took a tripping penalty, which led to Torey Krug’s go-ahead goal at 15:36. Toronto chased Boston the rest of the way.“Well we can’t let it go in,” coach Mike Babcock said of what changes are needed to kill penalties. “I think the biggest thing when it goes bad on you is you get passive instead of just hitting the gas and going and putting pressure on them. The one goal (from Marchand) was off a faceoff right away, it bounced to him but it gets you on your heels and then we were passive on the next one (Krug’s goal). They’ve got good players, let’s not be passive, let’s go after them. I thought we had a real good game on the penalty kill last time in Boston, we plan on doing the same.”NHL PLAYOFFS 2019: Brad Marchand criticizes TD Garden ice ahead of Game 7Babcock is right as Toronto had arguably its best performance shorthanded of the series in Game 5 at Boston. The Maple Leafs went 3-for-3 while allowing just five shots. Unlike Game 5, when the Maple Leafs forced the issue, they sat back and let the Bruins work the puck around in Game 6.That is a recipe for failure.“The one goal (from Marchand) hit off Ron (Hainsey) in front, kind of just got an unlucky bounce there and the other one went through Hyman’s legs twice so that’s something that will happen in a game,” Marner said. “There’s going to be a lot of mental changes, ups and downs. But for Game 7, we have to make sure we bring the pressure. We can’t give them time to set up, their guys can make plays, they’ve got a lot of skill on their power play unit and a lot of plays drawn up and ready to go.”One year ago, the Maple Leafs struggled with penalty killing against the Bruins, allowing seven goals in 21 shorthanded instances. An argument could be made that if it had not been for the struggles while shorthanded in Games 4 and 6, Toronto would have advanced by now.According to analytics expert Mike Kelly of The Point Hockey, the Bruins are 9-for-9 on power play entries that feature a neutral zone drop pass during the series. The Maple Leafs, according to Kelly, were in the top five in the NHL in denying clean entries on the power play during the regular season – so that is clearly a battle the Bruins are winning.Just how bad is the @MapleLeafs playoff PK?There have been 26 different teams in the playoffs over the last 3 seasons.The Leafs PK ranks 26th, that’s dead last at just 64.8%[email protected]— Gino Reda (@GinoRedaTSN) April 22, 2019No player has spent more time on the ice shorthanded in the playoffs for the Maple Leafs than Ron Hainsey. He agreed that the first order of business would be to improve their disruption of the Bruins entries. Once Boston gets set up, Hainsey said they are playing with fire.last_img read more