2010: another major hurdle cleared

first_img29 April 2009Take a bow, South Africa. Four free and fair democratic elections on the trot, and the country has cleared another significant hurdle en route to hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup.A gruelling election campaign marred frequently by signs of political instability over the Jacob Zuma corruption trial has clearly affected the psyche of the nation, which now needs to regroup in order to ensure that the final preparations for the world’s biggest single-code sporting event go according to plan. About a year before the 2006 World Cup, Germans were convinced that the tournament would be a failure. There were serious divisions in that society, and it took the launch of a major initiative to unite the country.Government, big business and citizens united behind a holistic brand campaign which improved the economy, attracted international investment and produced a spectacular tournament.It’s safe to say that South Africa is in a similar position to Germany was at this stage in its preparations, albeit for different reasons. Nevertheless, after months of discord and uncertainty, it can now look forward to a period of stability.Zuma is keenly aware of the divisions the split in the ruling African National Congress has caused. As a result, he has reassured South Africans that his party will unify the country.As the incoming President, one of the immediate challenges he faces is resolving disputes over the Bus Rapid Transit system. The first phase of the system was due to kick off in Johannesburg ahead of the Confederations Cup, but the initiative has been rejected by many taxi drivers, who believe their jobs and income are now threatened.Nevertheless, Zuma has built a relationship with them, and he says he is looking forward to resolving any outstanding issues.Thanks to years of hard work by numerous role-players, many of the other key 2010 challenges – particularly the stadium construction projects – are well on target. Nevertheless, the next few months will be crucial for this country’s 2010 preparations.The Confederations Cup – a key curtainraiser for 2010 – needs to provide the spark for a wave of patriotism that will once again see the rainbow nation uniting for a crucial cause.At the end of the day, when the history of the 2010 Fifa World Cup is written, Nelson Mandela will be remembered for the pivotal role he played in securing South Africa the rights to host the event, Thabo Mbeki for delivering on many of the formidable commitments made to Fifa – and Jacob Zuma for presiding over Africa’s first World Cup.Urquhart is a former Fifa World Cup media officer and the current editor of Project 2010last_img read more

Delicious Chrome Extension Early Beta Now Available

first_imgBookmarking service Delicious has just rolled out a Google Chrome browser extension.Like other Chrome extensions we love to play with, this one is lightweight, fast and useful. There’s no bulky sidebar here. Bookmarks can be created and saved with a miniscule “TAG” button and they can be searched from Chrome’s excellent omnibar. So, do you think this will prompt loyal Delicious users – many of whom had been holding out on Chrome in favor of Firefox – to switch to Google Chrome entirely?This is what the button and simple form for bookmarking a page look like: Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Tags:#Social Bookmarking#web Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit While this extension doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of Delicious’ other browser add-ons, the team noted that the public demand for a Chrome extension prompted them to release a beta earlier than they would have liked.“It doesn’t have all the API’s needed and it’s missing a good chunk of the functionality we believe it needs, but we’re getting so many requests for the Chrome extension that we’re going to make this available sooner than we originally planned…“As soon as Chrome is able to support the functionality needed we’ll ensure the features of this extension matches that of our other browser add-ons. There are still some interactions we’re not quite happy with that we’ll address shortly, but we wanted to give you an official Google Chrome extension as soon as possible.”What do you think? Does the new Delicious extension make you want to use Chrome more? Or if you’re a Chrome fan, does this move give you a renewed interest in Delicious? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. jolie odell Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verificationlast_img read more

Meet Saskatchewan’s First Passivhaus

first_imgAll-electric designAn electric heater in the ventilation system will heat the house, supplemented by electric in-floor heat in the bathroom and a wall convector in the kitchen, according to Nemeth. Fresh air comes from a Zehnder Novus 300 Passivhaus-certified heat-recovery ventilator, which Nemeth says has heat recovery efficiency of 93%. Ducts are semi-rigid high-density polyethylene.Because of the design of the roof overhangs and other ventilation features, mechanical cooling wasn’t deemed necessary.Other details:Below-grade insulation: Twelve inches of Type II EPS under the basement slab; 12 inches of PlastiSpan 40 psi underneath the footings; 10 inches of Type II EPS on the exterior of the ICF foundation walls; and 12 inches of Type II EPS on the exterior of the footing.Wall and roof insulation: Above-grade walls have a total of 17.5 inches of dense-packed cellulose (R-66). The roof is insulated with 30 inches of loose-fill cellulose (R-100).Windows: Gaulhofer Energy Line 85 Plus triple-glazed units. The windows are set about 8 inches in from the outside face of the wall.Domestic hot water: Electric-resistance tank heater. A drainwater heat recovery unit should capture about 25% of the energy used to heat the water. When prices come down, a heat-pump water heater could replace the conventional unit.A condensing clothes dryer means one less penetration in the building envelope and, Nemeth adds, an induction range in the kitchen “offers the performance of gas without the exhaust and makeup-air penalty, not to mention safety.”Renewable energy: A roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) array with a capacity of 4 kilowatts, plus the potential for adding another 3 kW of PV on the garage roof.Airtightness: A blower door test on February 2 found an air leakage rate of 0.37 air changes per hour at a pressure difference of 50 pascals — about half of what’s permitted by the Passivhaus standard. As good as that is, Adair says some further tightening is possible. “I’ll turn around and there’s Harold,” he said. “Great!”Orr’s team was years ahead of the rest of the construction industry, and the group’s pioneering work in superinsulation and airtight construction eventually led to the creation of the Passivhaus standard by German physicist Dr. Wolfgang Feist. One of Orr’s teammates, the late Rob Dumont, lived in Saskatoon, where he built a superinsulated house of his own.“That’s his passion,” Adair said of Orr. “He knows that I followed him. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that he does show up. How many people in the world wouldn’t like to be on a site when Harold shows up to see what you’re doing? It’s unbelievable, really.”Adair says Orr isn’t shy about asking questions and offering what he might do a little differently. “His input has been great,” he said. “He’s been very enthusiastic.”Adair said he was told it wouldn’t be possible to build a Passivhaus-certified house in Saskatoon’s climate. But according to Nemeth, the release of PHPP 9 in October 2015 was a turning point.“Up until that point we struggled to meet the Passive House primary energy requirements of 120 kWh/per square meter,” Nemeth said in an email. “PHPP 9 brought the Primary Energy Renewable (PER) alternative path. This allowed us to use the greatly simplified all-electric system. Along with a few other tweaks, PHPP 9 has made it more reasonable to certify a Passive House in Canada’s cold climate.”Adair hopes the successful completion of the project will encourage other builders and lead to changes in building codes. Another member of his team, Mark Prebble, a Saskatoon real estate agent who has taken Passivhaus training, is filming the construction of the house with hopes of spreading the word in the province.“It just frustrates me to no end that the developers up here are still building these structures using the lowest cost methods so they can make a lot of money,” he said. “Well, it’s not helping the planet when we do this and that whole mindset has to change. Well, how does that happen? You have to have something the community can see that actually does perform.” Advice from an old handOne of the delights of this project for Adair has been his encounters with Harold Orr, who led the Conservation House project and regularly shows up at the Saskatoon job site where Adair is working. Harold Orr on a recent visit to the Temperance Street Passive House construction site in Saskatoon. At first, the owners of the single-family home at 1102 Temperance Street simply requested the removal of an unwanted balcony.But renovations often wander in unexpected directions, and by the time the dust settles sometime later this year, Jim Spinney and Holly Ann Knott should have the first certified Passivhaus home in the province of Saskatchewan.The owners of the 1940s house on Saskatoon’s east side may have had more modest ambitions at the start, but they weren’t counting on the extensive structural decay that their builder, Robin Adair, uncovered as he took the balcony apart.“They were going to spend a lot of money to fix this,” Adair said. “It was over $100,000, because the rot was right from the foundation to the top of the second floor. They didn’t want to do that. They said they’d build a new building instead. I said, ‘Great, I’ll do it for you, but if I do it, it’s Passivhaus.’ ”Although Adair has been building high-performance houses since the 1980s, the Temperance Street Passive House is his first attempt at putting his 2014 training in Passivhaus construction to work, and his first try at a certified building.The new three-level house is a duplex with a pair of 2,358-square-foot residences, one half of the space submitted for certification through Germany’s Passivhaus Institut and the other half built to the same standard but not certified. It’s located just 160 miles northwest of Regina, the community where the ground-breaking forerunner to Passivhaus building, The Saskatchewan Conservation House, was constructed in 1977. Designed for a punishing climateSaskatoon usually sees more than 10,600 heating degrees annually, with average January temperatures of 0.5°F above zero (-17.5°C). It’s no place to skimp on insulation or other building details. Adair credits Michael Nemeth for planning the mechanicals and other details using the Passive House Planning Package, calling his work “instrumental.”There is rigid foam under the footings. A foot of PlastiSpan 40 psi rigid foam keeps the chill out of the building’s concrete footings. The foam is set on a low-strength slurry mix equivalent to a compacted gravel base, according to Adair. Footings are poured atop the foam, followed by a foundation made from insulated concreted forms.The wood-framed building, on a foundation of insulated concrete forms (ICFs), will have four bedrooms and four bathrooms in each unit. Exterior walls start with a structural 2×4 wall sheathed with 5/8-inch spruce plywood, which serves as the air barrier. Seams are taped with Ampacoll XT tape.On the exterior side of the sheathing is an assembly similar to a Larsen truss wall, consisting of 2x4s separated by webs of 1/2-inch thick plywood, then 5/8-inch tongue-and-groove Agepan DWD fiberboard sheathing, then a rainscreen gap and, finally, HardiPlank fiber-cement siding. The truss wall is 14 inches thick, and both it and the 2×4 structural wall will be insulated with dense-packed cellulose.The roof is constructed with trusses installed 24 inches on-center, with a 28-inch raised heel providing room for insulation over the exterior walls. Roof pitches are 4-in-12 and 12-in-12. The roof sheathing is 1/2-inch spruce plywood.Adair says that the costs will total about $195 (Canadian) per square foot, which he estimates is 5% to 10% more than a code-compliant house when comparing a basic shell with windows, but no cladding, trim, or other finish details.“All the interior and exterior finishes are design details,” he explained, “and how much they cost depends on what you want. You have to be able to compare to a 2×6 wall with fiberglass in it. Yes, the owners were aware that it was going to cost more money, but the other side of that is there are no energy costs, relative to what we would think of as normal here for our climate.”last_img read more

Women activists join hands against liquor use in elections

first_imgBraving the scorching sun, female anti-liquor activists formed human chains to create awareness against the use of liquor during election campaign in 12 panchayats of Daringbadi block under Kandhamal Lok Sabha constituency on Thursday.For the last three decades, women from this area are continuing their crusade against liquor menace under the banner of ‘Nari Mahasangh’. On Thursday, they chose the major roads of their respective panchayats for their peaceful demonstration. Their aim was to make the local residents and political campaign vehicles notice their unity and conviction. Sporting placards against liquor sale and consumption, they stood silently, hand in hand, from 10 a.m. till noon.According to Nari Mahasangh activists, similar human chains will be formed in the remaining 13 panchayats in their block in a phased manner. “The women who participated in the human chains were farmers and daily wagers who are the worst sufferers of liquor addiction of men in their families,” said Nabati Mantri, president of Nari Mahasangh.‘Land rights for women’“We are also demanding a complete ban on intoxicants in Kandhamal and Odisha as well as land rights to the landless, especially destitute women of our area,” said Ms. Mantri. According to her, the political parties seeking votes should give a written promise that after they are elected they will make efforts to fulfil their demands.Their organisation has decided to ask women in their area not to vote for parties which use liquor to woo voters during the elections. They have also started collecting written promise on stamp papers regarding their demands from political activists who visit their panchayats to campaign.last_img read more

Despite Being Tech Innovators, Indian Firms Slower in Adopting Digitisation: Experts

first_imgIndian corporations are slower in adopting digitisation due to lack of infrastructure despite the fact that most of the technological innovations and solutions are being developed in the country, experts said here today. Read it at Economic Times Related Itemslast_img

Mohammad Amir is like a brother to us: Wahab Riaz

first_imgMohammad Amir is part of the Pakistan family and will always have the support of his team mates as he prepares to return to Lord’s six years after the scandal that derailed his career, fast bowler Wahab Riaz has said.The paceman spent time in jail and served a five-year ban for spot-fixing after admitting he had deliberately bowled no-balls at predetermined times in the fourth test against England at the fabled London venue in 2010.Then 18, Amir was rated among the world’s most exciting fast bowlers before the high-profile incident stalled his progress and resulted in similar penalties for fellow accused parties, former test captain Salman Butt and fast bowler Mohammad Asif.The 24-year-old has now returned to the Pakistan setup and the left-arm paceman will be firmly in the spotlight should he be selected for the first test of the four-match series starting at Lord’s on July 14.”Obviously he has struggled a lot,” Wahab told ESPNcricinfo. “He has learned a lot of things in the past five years, he has become more strong and he wants to answer everyone with his performances, and that’s what he’s really looking for.Amir’s return to the national side was initially resented by some of his team mates but the paceman has enjoyed steady and growing support from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).LIKE A BROTHER”As a team, as a squad of 17 plus our team management, all of us are going to support Mohammad Amir,” Wahab added. “We are all behind him, we are all supporting him, whenever he needs us, however he needs us, we will be around him all the time.advertisement”So he is not the one who is being left alone, he is a part of our family. He is the youngest part of our family, so he is like a kid to us, he’s like a brother to us, a son to most of our senior players.”We are always here for him, we are going to support him, and we will push him up because we know what kind of capability he has in his bowling and how he can perform.”The 30-year-old Wahab said Pakistan would try to retain a positive attitude throughout what appears to be a tough series in England.”What is in our hands is to go into the ground and have a smile on our faces,” Wahab said. “We know what our goal is and we know how to achieve our goal, so we have to do that.”We have to enjoy our cricket, we have to laugh all the time, if anyone says anything, a smile can do everything for them.”last_img read more

If Rihanna were Bob Marley’s daughter, this is what she’d look like

first_imgSinger Rihanna’s ever-changing looks have become synonymous with her style. Her fashion sense is fierce and she does not abide by any rules–just the things that make her so kick*ss.From starting a crazy, uneven hair trend with Umbrella to making red hair sexy again–Rihanna has been the torchbearer for hair games for women all over the world.Her latest hair style, however, has us standing up for a round of applause. The 28-year-old’s new crowning glory is what we call dreadlocks.The singer also posted pictures of her new hairdo on Instagram and captioned it ‘Buffalo Solder’–after the iconic Bob Marley song.Also Read: A fan threw her bra at Rihanna, and RiRi’s response was EPIC This is not the first time that Rihanna has been seen with dreadlocks. She carried the look for the first time in 2012 when she appeared on American Idol. The only thing that’s different is that the dreadlocks are far longer this time.Dreadlocks can be rooted back to the Rastafari tradition, though the trend made its way to pop culture through Bob Marley; his dreadlocks were his unique style statement back then. In the present times, a lot of celebs have been sporting this look. This unique and intricate hairdo garners attention from almost everyone.Though there is no “right” way to wear the dread, Rihanna is doing a darn nice job at it!last_img read more

5th ODI Highlights: This is how Virat Kohli’s hundred helped India win series vs West Indies

first_imgHello and welcome to our live coverage of the fifth ODI between West Indies and India at Kingston. (LIVE SCORECARD)INDIA INNINGS:02.21 IST: THAT’S IT! INDIA WIN BY 8 WICKETS. India have cruised away towards yet another victory and they have successfully clinched the 5-match ODI series by winning it 3-1. After being put into bowl, the visitors were superb with the ball as they restricted the hosts to a below par total which was never going to be intimidating. However, West Indies thought else wise as they looked to recreate the magic of the last match. They started off really well with dismissing Shikhar Dhawan early. After Dhawan’s dismissal nothing looked going in the way of the home side. Rahane and Kohli laid a brilliant platform but the former could not capitalize on the start he got. The Indian skipper on the other hand with the help of Dinesh Karthik sealed the deal for the tourists with ease. The former went onto score yet another century while chasing which also makes him the player with the most number of hundreds while chasing. Dinesh Karthik also managed to get a half century under his belt. None of the West Indian bowlers looked to trouble the away side.02.10 IST: CENTURY! That’s century No.28 for Virat Kohli. India 190/2 (34.4 overs) vs West Indies (205/9)02.02 IST: FOUR! Ends the over on a high note! Full on middle, Karthik gets a touch across and flicks it through wide mid on. It’s in the same gap as earlier but this time around the timing is better and so the ball runs to the fence.advertisement5th ODI. 28.2: D Bishoo to V Kohli (79), 4 runs, 157/2 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 20175th ODI. 27.6: A Nurse to D Karthik (34), 4 runs, 153/2 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201701.33 IST: FOUR! Beautifully timed! Fuller in line of the stumps, Kohli makes room and drives it crisply through the extra cover region for a boundary.01.29 IST: FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Karthik slashes hard at it. Gets it through the backward point region. Rovman Powell runs to his right from third man but fails to stop it with a dive. The ball goes to the fence and the bowler is furious.01.25 IST: FOUR! Was that intentional? If it was then it was sensational. Quicker around off, Kohli plays really late at it. Gets a thick outside edge past the keeper. Beats the short third man fielder and races away to the boundary.5th ODI. 23.1: A Nurse to D Karthik (18), 4 runs, 121/2 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201701.13 IST: SIX! Get that ball says Kohli! Short delivery by Bishoo, Kohli camps back and just lofts that over the mid-wicket region for half a dozen. Enough of the waiting game.01.12 IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli notches up his 44th half-century in ODIs. 10th one against West Indies. Full and wide outside off, Kohli just reaches out to it and drives it elegantly through the cover region for a boundary. Another brilliant knock while chasing and he will look to finish things off.5th ODI. 20.1: D Bishoo to D Karthik (7), 4 runs, 98/2 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201700.59 IST: FOUR! Top notch stuff! It’s a similar delivery. Full and angling in. Kohli covers his stumps and whips it beautifully over in the cow corner for a boundary. This shot is the sign of Kohli’s confidence.00.58 IST: WICKET! Bishoo strikes! Rahane looked nervy after the break and this has resulted in his wicket. It was a slider from Bishoo, which Ajinkya fails to pick. He prods forward to defend but gets rapped on the pads. The players appeal and the umpire raises his finger straightaway. Ajinkya Rahane fails to register a half century this time around. Can WI land some more blows to the visitors? India 84/2 (18.5 overs) vs West Indies 205/900.30 IST: FOUR! Slightly streaky! Served wide outside off, Kohli flashes hard at it. Gets it off the outer half and the ball runs past the backward point fielder for a boundary. Spoils a good over.5th ODI. 8.5: A Joseph to V Kohli (21), 4 runs, 49/1 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201700.09 IST: FOUR! It just gets better this time! Again a short ball but stays a bit low. Kohli shuffles across and swivels it through the square leg region for a boundary.00.07 IST: FOUR! After Rahane, Kohli is now adding up his pile! Fuller delivery around off, Virat just leans into the drive and drills it through the mid off region for a boundary.advertisement5th ODI. 5.6: J Holder to A Rahane (23), 4 runs, 31/1 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 20175th ODI. 4.2: A Joseph to A Rahane (10), 4 runs, 16/1 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201723.55 IST: DROPPED! Short and wide outside off, Rahane slashes hard. The ball rockets towards the fielder at cover-point. Bishoo gets low and his hand to it but fails to hold onto it. Rahane gets a life just like the last game. The batsmen run a single. How costly will this drop prove to be?23.44 IST: WICKET! Shikhar Dhawan departs in the first over. Alzarri Joseph bowls a fuller delivery outside off, Dhawan checks into the shot. Plays a half shot as he manages to drive it straight to the fielder at short covers. Evin Lewis makes no mistake as he pouches it with ease. The West Indians are delighted. India 5/1 (1 over) vs West Indies 205/95th ODI. 0.4: A Joseph to S Dhawan (4), 4 runs, 5/0 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201723.40 IST: The players are back for the last innings of the ODI series. As usual it’s Ajinkya Rahane and Shikhar Dhawan to open for India. Alzarri Joseph to start the proceedings with the first new ball. He has a slip in place.WEST INDIES INNINGS:22.56 IST: WEST INDIES END ON 205/9! Another inspirational bowling performance from India has restricted the hosts to a below par total. The top-order gave the home side a good start but the scoring rate kept on dipping as no one except Kyle Hope could score at a good pace. Shai Hope, though kept ticking from the other end but hardly got any support until Jason Holder stepped out in the middle. They both stitched in a vital 48-run stand but the former lost his wicket in search of quick runs. However Shai Hope did manage to get to his fifty.West Indies were seen crippling at the end but thanks to a cameo from Rovman Powell, they have managed to cross the 200-run mark. Mohammed Shami was the pick of the bowlers as he ended with figures of 10-0-48-4. Umesh Yadav also supported him really well as he clinched three wickets as well. The spin duo of Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav kept the scoring rate in check but they were unlucky to go wicketless. The Windies will look to recreate a similar magic they did in the last game to pull off a victory here. Can the hosts emerge on top or will the tourists chase it down easily? Join us in a while to find that out.49.4: WICKET! R Powell (31) is out, c MS Dhoni b Umesh Yadav, 205/9 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 20175th ODI. 49.1: U Yadav to R Powell (29), 6 runs, 203/8 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201722.47 IST: SIX! Into the stands! Slower delivery outside off, Powell clubs it over long on for a maximum. For the first time he connects it well and gets the deserved result.advertisement46.6: WICKET! D Bishoo (6) is out, c MS Dhoni b Mohammed Shami, 182/8- BCCI (@BCCI) 6 July 201722.37 IST: FOUR! Streaky! Slower delivery on the fuller length. Bishoo looks to drive it on the off side but gets an outside edge and the ball takes an outside edge past the keeper. The third man fielder fails to cut it off and WI pick an valuable boundary.22.29 IST: DROPPED! And that too by Dhoni! Served around off, spinning away sharply with extra bounce. Bishoo looks to punch it on the off side but gets an outside edge. It goes straight in the gloves of Dhoni, who fails to grab it. Now, that’s a rarity. The ball then lobs just ahead of Dhawan at first slip, who is guilty of not being alert and flat-footed. A reprieve for Bishoo.22.24 IST: Shami to Nurse OUT! Soft dismissal! 3-fer for Shami! Very full on middle and off, Nurse looks to dig it out on the leg side but ends up chipping it to Kuldeep Yadav at short mid-wicket. Shami has pulled things back for India in a great fashion. Nurse his latest scalp, gets out on a nought. West Indies 171/7 in 44 oversWicket! A Nurse departs for a duck as M Shami takes his 3rd wicket in this spell. Windies – 171/7 now #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 6, 201722.18 IST: Shami to Shai OUT! In the air… gone! Beautifully taken by Rahane in the end! Slightly behind length around off, Hope looks to pull it away but gets a top edge. The ball skies high in the air and is in the air for a long time. Rahane at deep square leg, looks to get under it, misjudges a bit in the start but keeps his eyes on the ball and adjusts beautifully. West Indies 169/6 in 42 overs 22.07 IST: Shami to Holder OUT! Short delivery outside off, Jason Holder stays in his crease and tries to make the most of it. Flat bats it towards the long on region. Dhawan the fielder there goes to his left and takes a good running catch to dismiss the dangerous Holder. A wrong time to lose a wicket. West Indies 166/5 in 41 oversM Shami is back into the attack and gets rid of J Holder who was looking very dangerous. A well played 36(34) nonetheless #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 6, 201722.06 IST: Shami to Holder FOUR! Holder is getting on a move on here! Fuller around off, Holder backs away on the leg side. Smashes it over the cover region for a boundary.22.03 IST: Kuldeep to Holder FOUR! West Indies 157/4 in 3921.58 IST: Pandya to Holder SIX! Brilliant… What a hit! Length delivery outside off, Holder shuffles across and just clips it aerially over the mid-wicket region. Times it so beautifully that the ball goes over the ropes for a maximum. West Indies 152/4 in 3821.56 IST: Kuldeep to Holder to FOUR! Full toss around off, Holder goes for the reverse sweep again. Gets it through the backward point region for a boundary.West Indies 143/4 in 37 overs21.47 IST: Pandya to Shai. FOUR! Lucky but much-needed! Short and angling into the body, Shai Hope goes for the pull. Gets a glove on it and the ball flies over the keeper’s head for a boundary.West Indies 135/4 in 36 overs21.42 IST: DROPPED! Floats this one outside off, Holder gets forward to defend it. Gets a thick outside edge and the ball goes towards the keeper. Dhoni fails to grab it and the ball hits him on his pads. A tough chance goes down.21.36 IST: WICKET! Jadhav strikes! Short and flatter outside off, Jason Mohammed camps back and swats it straight back to the bowler. Kedar Jadhav makes no mistake this time and takes the catch gleefully. Mohammed’s struggle in the middle comes to an end. Jadhav again provides India with a vital breakthrough, which he has been doing consistently for India in the recent times.21.02 IST: Kuldeep Yadav follows up a quiet first over with another tidy over. West Indies 88/3 in 21 overs21.00 IST: Ravindra Jadeja bowls a tidy 20th over. West Indies 87/3 in 20 overs20.55 IST: Kuldeep Yadav bowls a tidy first over, gives away just two run. West Indies 85/3 in 19 overs20.52 IST: Umesh to Shai FOUR! Back of a length delivery outside off, Shai flashes and flashes hard. Gets it through the backward point region for a boundary. West Indies 83/3 in 18 overs20.50 IST: Jadeja gives away just three runs. West Indies 79/3 in 17 overs20.44 IST: Umesh to Chase OUT! Umesh strikes gold! Roston Chase departs on a golden duck! Bowls it right on the money on a very fuller length, Chase cannot get his bat down on time and the ball sneaks through and gets rapped on the pads. The players appeal and the umpire is quick to raise his dreaded finger. Chase consults Shai Hope and opts for the review. Replays show that there was no bat involved. Ball Tracker also shows that it was pitched in line, impact was in line and it was also going onto hit the stumps. West Indies have lost their review and India have got a major breakthrough. Another disappointing performance from Roston Chase. West Indies 76/3  from 16 overs5th ODI. 15.6: WICKET! R Chase (0) is out, lbw Umesh Yadav, 76/3 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) July 6, 201720.43 IST: Umesh to Kyle OUT! Kyle throws it away in search of quick runs! Back of a length delivery outside off, Kyle goes for a pull. Does not get the height on it as the ball rockets straight towards the fielder at mid-wicket. Dhawan takes a good catch and an important partnership between the Hope brothers comes to an end.20.39 IST: Umesh to Kyle FOUR!  Two in a row! Umesh bangs in short this time, Kyle Hope stays in his crease and pulls it over the mid-wicket region for a boundary. There is no stopping these.20.39 IST: Umesh to Kyle FOUR! Length delivery outside off, Kyle punches it powerfully down the ground. Beats the mid off fielder and the ball races away to the fence.20.35 IST: Jadeja to Shai FOUR! Fuller in line of the stumps, Shai sweeps and sweeps beautifully through the backward square leg region for a boundary. West Indies 68/1 in 15 overs vs India Kyle Hope 38*Shai Hope 16* 20.32 IST: Umesh Yadav continues good work, gives away just 3 runs in the 14th over. West Indies 62/1 in 14 overs20.26 IST: Pandya to Shai FOUR! Fuller outside off, Shai Hope leans into the delivery and drives it beautifully through the cover region for a boundary. West Indies 59/1 in 13 overs20.25 IST:  Umesh Yadav comes back and gives away just one run. West Indies 54/1 in 12 overs20.20 IST: Hardik Pandya follows up the wicket-taking over by giving away four runs. West Indies 53/1 in 11 overs20.15 IST: Shami to Kyle FOUR! Beautiful… Simply beautiful! Full around off, Kyle drives it sweetly past the bowler. Beats the man at mid off and finds the fence to pick up back-to-back boundaries. 9 runs off the over. West Indies 49/1 in 10 oversFOUR! A terrific straight drive to end the Powerplay 1. End of over 10, Windies – 49/1 (K Hope 36*, S Hope 2*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 6, 201720.15 IST: Shami to Kyle FOUR! Crunched! That made a crackling sound off the bat. Length delivery outside off, Kyle opens up his stance a touch and punches it square of the wicket on the off side for a boundary.20.08 IST: Pandya to Lewis OUT! Soft dismissal! Bowling change works! Pandya bowls it slightly ahead of a length outside off, Lewis looks to loft it over mid off but neither gets timing behind it nor gets any power. It lobs straight to Kohli in the ring, who makes no mistakes. First blood is drawn and Lewis has to walk back to the hut. West Indies 40/1 in 9 overs 8.2: WICKET! E Lewis (9) is out, c Virat Kohli b Hardik Pandya, 39/1 https://t.co/9slMUAtWdE #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) July 6, 201720.04 IST: Mohammed Shami gives away just one run in the 8th over. West Indies 39/0 in 8 overs19.59 IST: Umesh to Kyle FOUR! Full and drifting down leg, Kyle Hope shuffles across and times his flick superbly. Gets it through backward square leg regiion to the fence. This is poor bowling from Yadav, seeing Hope timing his flick superbly before. West Indies 38/0 in 7 overs19.54 IST:  Shami to Kyle FOUR! A brilliant delivery and an even better shot! Full and nipping into the stumps, Kyle Hope nearly fell over as he shuffles across. Still manages to clip it beautifully through the mid-wicket region for a boundary. West Indies 34/0 in 6 overs19.49 IST:  Umesh to Kyle FOUR! Another one! Short outside off, Kyle punches it through covers. The fielder in the ring gives it a chase but fails to pull it back. West Indies 26/0 in 5 overs 19.48 IST:  Umesh to Kyle FOUR! Slapped away! Short and wide outside off, Hope stays tall and cuts it through point for a boundary. Change of ends not working for Umesh19.47 IST:  A change of ends for Mohammed Shami brings better result, as he gives away just two runs. West Indies 16/0 in 4 overs19.43 IST:  Hardik Pandya bowls a quiet third over, gives away just three runs. West Indies 14/0 in 3 overs19.35 IST: Umesh to Kyle FOUR! Easy pickings! Shortish delivery, angling down leg. Lewis shimmies a touch and tickles it fine past the keeper and to the fine leg fence. West Indies 11/0 in 2 overs19.34 IST: Mohammed Shami  keeps it tidy in the opening exchange. West Indies 3/0 in 1 overs19.30 IST:  The players have made their way out in the middle. Evin Lewis and Kyle Hope to open for the hosts. Mohammed Shami to start the proceedings with the first new ball. He has a couple of slips in place.19.09 IST: “Not a bad option to bowl first. We are unchanged as we go in today. We decided in the last game that we would go in with the same team over the last two games and that is why we made that change. Not a bad time to be bowling first, would look to restrict them to a low total. It is always nice to reflect what went wrong when we lose games. We are a team that always does that and the boys are keen to go out there and rectify. A hiccup here and there always happens and you have to take it in your stride. Definitely as a player you want to contribute in every game but you also have to understand that it isn’t going to happen every time. When you’ve played for a while you realize that. You have to respect the opposition and the conditions. In the end it is important for me to win matches. Even if I do not do well it is important for someone else to step up and perform.” – Virat Kohli at the Toss. 19.06 IST: Both teams remain unchanged.India: Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed ShamiWest Indies: Evin Lewis, Kyle Hope, Shai Hope(w), Roston Chase, Jason Mohammed, Jason Holder(c), Rovman Powell, Ashley Nurse, Devendra Bishoo, Alzarri Joseph, Kesrick WilliamsWI XI: E Lewis, K.A. Hope, S Hope, R Chase, J Mohammed, J Holder, R Powell, A Nurse, D Bishoo, A Joseph, K Williams- BCCI (@BCCI) July 6, 2017IND XI: A Rahane, S Dhawan, V Kohli, D Karthik, MS Dhoni, K Jadhav, H Pandya, R Jadeja, K Yadav, U Yadav, M Shami- BCCI (@BCCI) July 6, 2017 19.03 IST: West Indies win toss elect to bat. West Indies have won the toss and elected to bat first #TeamIndia #WIvIND pic.twitter.com/Xza7pfMwHG- BCCI (@BCCI) July 6, 2017Toss, 5th ODI: Windies have won the toss and elected to bat first #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 6, 2017This is what Umesh Yadav hadto say before the final ODI in the five-match series.VIDEO: India pacer @y_umesh speaks about his process & a constant urge to improve as a bowler in each outing https://t.co/UpCYch196E #WIvIND- BCCI (@BCCI) July 6, 2017West Indies have won 9 out of their last 10 ODIs at the Sabina Park in Kingston, Jamaica, while India on the other hand have lost all their previous three matches at the ground.Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be turning 36 on July 7 (Friday) and what better present can there be a strong performance from the team to win the series. In the previous match, Dhoni racked up the dubious distinction of scoring the slowest half-century by an Indian batsman in more than a decade with a painstaking, snail-like innings of 54 runs which included a single boundary over 114 deliveries. Known for his hard-hitting batting in the closing stages and his ability to chase down challenging targets, Dhoni will be eager to produce another trademark high tempo innings and redeem himself.Calling all fans in Jamaica ???? ???Sabina Park???Thursday???Windies v @BCCI in 5th ODI ??9am (10 East Caribbean time)#WIvIND #Jamaica pic.twitter.com/1dGEB4YxJo- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 6, 2017Smarting from the defeat in the previous match, India will be eager for revenge and finish the series with a victory when they take on West Indies in their fifth and final One-Day International (ODI) here on Thursday.The visitors lost the fourth ODI by 11 runs in North Sound, Antigua after some extremely slow batting while chasing a low target of 190 runs.That defeat took some of the gloss off India’s dominating performances in the previous matches of the series which they currently lead 2-1. The opener of the five-match series was a washout falling victim to rain.last_img read more

Asiad gold medallist Swapna to get customised Adidas shoes

first_imgBy Saumojyoti S Choudhury New Delhi, Sep 14 (PTI) Asian Games gold-medallist Swapna Barman will have customised shoes for her 12-toed feet soon as the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has tied up with footwear company Adidas to ensure specially-designed gear for the heptathlete. “After coming to know about Swapna’s case, the Sports Minister immediately directed us from Jakarta to get customised shoes made for her. We have taken up the matter with Adidas and they have agreed to provide the footwear,” SAI Director General Neelam Kapur told PTI. Born with six toes in both her feet, Swapna’s plight came to light only after she became the first Indian athlete to win an Asiad gold in heptathlon with a career-best performance in the 18th edition of the Games in Jakarta last month.After her victory, the athlete made an emotional appeal for customised shoes and the SAI immediately sprung into action after Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore directed the concerned authorities to take up the matter on an urgent basis. The SAI has already sent a communication to Swapna’s coach Subash Sarkar at its Centre of Excellence in Kolkata, asking for specifications, such as size, pressure points and drawings for the customised spikes. Barman confirmed that he got a mail from the SAI headquarters in New Delhi On Thursday, seeking the necessary details required for the shoes. “Yes, I got a communication from SAI, Delhi asking for specification to prepare Swapna’s customised shoes. I am yet to meet Swapna as she is injured but I will provide the details soon once I meet her,” Sarkar said from Kolkata.advertisement Sarkar said he had told SAI officials about the need for customised shoes for Swapna just before the Asian Games but the matter gained importance only after her victory in Jakarta. “Once I informally told a SAI official about the shoe issue but I never took up the matter seriously. Actually I didn’t want her to alter things just before the Asian Games as she got adjusted to the regular shoes and was doing fine. Trying a new shoe just before the Games could have been adverse,” he said. “And she hadn’t gained fame at that time. Now after winning the gold, she has become a celebrity and every company is trying to get mileage out of her.” Swapna was identified in 2012 and since then she has been training at the SAI Centre of Excellence in Kolkata. Swapna was inducted in the Government’s Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) in September last year. PTI SSC PM PMlast_img read more

Ohio State 4-Star Addresses Commitment After Brother’s Transfer

first_imgOhio State's players walking onto the field.COLUMBUS, OH – NOVEMBER 03: A general view as the Ohio State Buckeyes enters the field before the game against the Wisconsin Badgers on November 3, 2007 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State defeated Wisconsin 38-17. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)Ohio State basketball was struck with disappointing news today, as Micah Potter announced he’ll transfer. It’s important to keep in mind that his brother, Noah Potter, is currently on track to play football for the Buckeyes.Potter is a defensive end from the class of 2019, and he’s an Ohio native. Although his brother will leave the Buckeyes after two seasons, the high school recruit is staying with his original choice.Just in case fans were worrying about his future intentions, Potter set the record straight on social media.He left this message on Twitter:For anyone wondering I am still 1000% committed to Ohio State.— Noah Potter (@noah_potter10) November 5, 2018Credit to Potter for sticking with his commitment to the Buckeyes. As for the tweet itself, it’s great to see him already engaging with his future supporters.The four-star recruit has several reasons to remain in Columbus, which should validate his decision.Moving over to Ohio State’s basketball team, losing the junior forward before the start of the season could hurt its overall depth. However, it’s hard to blame him for wanting more opportunity on the hardwood.last_img read more