EHF CL Kielce routine win over Kristianstad

Vive Tauron Kielce beat at home IFK Kristianstad 35:27. The Polish team gained the upper hand from the very beginning. Kristianstad didn’t play well enough at both ends of the court. They couldn’t break through Kielce defence and when they finally did, Marin Šego often got in the way. Poor Swedish defence and strict referees both gave Kielce five penalty throws until 16. minute. The hosts made hardly any mistakes and got far away – the halftime result was 20:12.In the second half the situation improved a little for Kristianstad, the scoring somewhat leveled but the loss from the first half was too high to easily level the result, and in 36. minute Kielce were 10 goals ahead (23:13). This gap was being maintained until 53. minute when Polish champions started lacking focus – Bielecki missed the goal a few times, Tkaczyk and Aginagalde attempted to score from the inside, and also attacking foul happened. The Swedish team used this weaker moment and reduced the gap to 5 (32-27 in 58. minute). Displeased couch Duyshebayev called for a time out which must have had a positive impact on his team. The one to cue was young Branko Vujović, who just appeared on the court and scored two magnificent goals. Kielce came back in the last two minutes and finished leading 35:27.Julen Aginagalde and Kristian Björnsen finished as the game’s top scorers with 6 goals.Vive Tauron Kielce – IFK Kristianstad 35:27 (20:12)Vive Tauron: Szmal, Sego – Vujović 2, Jurecki 1, Tkaczyk, Reichmann 5, Chrapkowski 1, Kus, Aquinagalde 6/1, Bielecki 5/4, Jachlewski 2, Strlek 1, Lijewski 4, Buntić 1, Zorman 2, Cupić 5/1.Kristianstad: Larsson L., Simić – Bjornsen  6/1, Lagergren 2, Larsson J., Dahlil, Jepson, Tollbring 2/1, Pettersson 2, Cederholm 1, Jamali 4, O`Sullivan 2, Nilsson, Hanisch 3, Eriksen, Lindskog 5.RK Vardar stayed only team on 100% in European elite competition after beating Rhein Neckar Lowen 25:19 (11:10).STANDINGS: 5. IFK Kristianstad4103117:125(-8)2 2. KS Vive Tauron Kielce4211127:113(14)5 IFK KristianstadVelux EHF Champions LeagueVive Tauron Kielce ← Previous Story EHF CL (Round 4): Lions in Skopje, Zagreb in Paris! Next Story → EHF CL: Barca smash Montpellier with 10 goals 8. KIF Kolding Kobenhavn300369:93(-24)0 1. HC Vardar4400112:92(20)8 4. FC Barcelona Lassa320185:82(3)4 5. Montpellier HB310278:85(-7)2 5. MOL-Pick Szeged310282:87(-5)2 2. Rhein-Neckar Löwen4211103:96(7)5 TEXT: MARTYNA USNARSKA