Weed your community’s playfield yourselves – Ramjattan to Agricola residents

first_imgPublic Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Saturday informed residents of Agricola, Greater Georgetown that they must not depend on the Government to do everything. In fact, he told the residents that they should weed the community’s play field themselves, which is presently covered in overgrown vegetation. He made the comments at a job fair held in Agricola where he reflected on his days as a young man. He said he was part of a cricket team which did the same thing for their local community ground.“It is important that these things happen in your area and it happen as a result of your effort. Not everything Government will provide, and I want to tell you that,” Ramjattan said.The Minister said even in the United States (US), France and the United Kingdom (UK), residents make donations; Guyanese must play a part as citizens to reduce the work of the Government.CrimeSpeaking on the issue of the crime rate in the community, the Public Security Minister stated that residents have the power to overcome their demons.He said while the desire of being rich exists in the life of every human being, it is their duty to practice self-restraint.“We live in an area that is extra ordinarily violent if you didn’t know. South America, next to Venezuela, next to Columbia, Bolivia and Ecuador and Brazil are extra ordinarily violent societies when it comes to the crime rates and all of that and it is largely because of so much gun-running, Trafficking in Persons, cocaine and poverty levels,” he explained.He said Government is quite aware of those activities in neighbouring countries and does not want that criminal behaviour to trickle in.last_img read more