The underthreat Human Rights Act could be used to

first_imgThe under-threat Human Rights Act could be used to halt the scandal of disabled people who have died after being put through the government’s much-criticised “fitness for work” test regime, according to Labour’s new shadow minister for disabled people.Debbie Abrahams spoke out on the importance of the act as she pledged to fight Conservative attempts to scrap the legislation and replace it with a new bill of rights.She told activists attending a Disability Labour fringe meeting that the act, introduced by a Labour government in 1998, was “definitely something we got right”.She said: “It has managed to hold the state to account, supported peaceful protests, helped rape victims, guarded against slavery, protected people in care and much more.“We should be proud of that impact and that it was a Labour government that brought that in.”She suggested that article two of the Human Rights Act – the right to life – could be used to fight the “ineffective and dehumanising” work capability assessment (WCA).Abrahams said the apparent increased death rates caused by the WCA system in the last five years were “one of the biggest scandals that we have seen”, and that a case taken under article two could be used to stop further loss of life.Two weeks ago, Disability News Service revealed how a coroner had demanded that the government take action after concluding that a disabled man from north London killed himself as a direct result of being found “fit for work”.Labour’s new shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, mentioned the case in his main conference speech, and told delegates that a Labour government would “end this brutal treatment of disabled people”.Victoria Desmond, co-founder of the Labour Campaign for Mental Health, told the fringe meeting that she was concerned that if the Human Rights Act was scrapped, the civil liberties of people with mental health conditions who are sectioned could be even more at risk, because of the “very frightening” Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act.Reema Patel, treasurer of Disability Labour, pointed to the act’s “ability to empower people, to show that this is an issue, this is an infringement”.She added: “I can hold you as a policy-maker and decision-maker to account. It is such an important tool if understood in this way.”Emily Brothers, an executive member of Disability Labour, who chaired the fringe meeting, said the group would work with those Labour shadow ministers addressing the bill of rights issue.She said: “We will not be deflected by the Tory agenda of undermining the framework of human rights and safeguarding people’s liberty and civil rights.”Kate Egerton, a discrimination and human rights solicitor with lawyers Leigh Day, told the meeting that a strategy paper published by the Conservatives last year showed that a new bill of rights would provide a “watered down version” of the rights currently offered by the Human Rights Act.Richard Howitt, Labour MEP and co-president of the European parliament’s all-party disability rights group, said the Conservatives wanted to “make it much harder to enforce any rights”.And he praised “the utterly fantastic” work of Disabled People Against Cuts, which has persuaded the UN’s committee on the rights of persons with disabilities to investigate “grave and systematic violations” of the UN disability convention in the UK, over issues such as the closure of the Independent Living Fund and deaths caused by the WCA.He said this was an example of the importance of “fighting for something in international law”.Picture: Delegates at this week’s Labour conference in Brightonlast_img read more

The Department for Work and Pensions DWP has une

first_imgThe Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has unearthed a “draft” report that ministers failed to send to a coroner six years ago, following concerns he raised about a suicide linked to flaws in the “fitness for work” test.The draft report has finally emerged more than three months after Disability News Service (DNS) started questioning why DWP appeared to have failed to respond to a Rule 43 letter about the death of 41-year-old Stephen Carré in January 2010.That letter, sent to DWP by coroner Tom Osborne on 30 March 2010, linked the suicide with serious flaws* in how the work capability assessment (WCA) was used to test the eligibility of people with mental health conditions for out-of-work disability benefits.But letters from Osborne to DWP and the family of Stephen Carré show that ministers never produced an official response to the Rule 43 letter, as they were legally obliged to do.Now DWP has finally admitted that it did exchange letters with Osborne during the summer of 2010, and even produced a “draft final response” to his letter in September 2010.But the department has also admitted that it cannot prove that it sent this final response to Osborne.Instead, a DWP spokeswoman claimed that colleagues had now found “a draft response that we meant to send back to the coroner” in 2010.She said this draft response had now been sent to the coroner “for the avoidance of doubt and for completeness”.She added: “Because we can’t confirm that it was sent [in 2010] and we can’t confirm that the coroner received it, for the avoidance of doubt we have sent the original draft.”The existence of the draft report – and the admission that DWP cannot prove it was ever sent to the coroner – should raise serious questions about the political future of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith and former employment minister Chris Grayling.They made key decisions in the summer of 2010 about the WCA process that Osborne had linked to Stephen Carré’s death*.Among those decision was that they would roll out the WCA to hundreds of thousands of long-term claimants of incapacity benefit (IB) the following year.They also failed to show the Rule 43 letter to Professor Malcolm Harrington, even though they had commissioned him to review the “fairness and effectiveness” of the WCA. The following year, in December 2011, a long-term IB claimant – Ms D E – took her own life after being told she was not eligible for ESA, a death later linked by the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland to similar WCA failings to those that led to Stephen Carré’s death.And in 2014, another coroner wrote an almost identical letter to Osborne’s, again warning of concerns about the safety of the WCA, after the death of a north London man, Michael O’Sullivan, who also took his own life after being found fit for work.DWP this week claimed that it was unable to confirm that Duncan Smith and Grayling were shown Osborne’s Rule 43 letter – and their department’s draft final response – in 2010.The DWP press office has also been unable to say whether the draft final response has now been shown to Duncan Smith and his current employment minister, Priti Patel, and his disabled people’s minister, Justin Tomlinson.Last November, government-funded research concluded that the programme to reassess people claiming IB using the WCA could have caused 590 suicides in just three years.DNS has been asking DWP about the Rule 43 letter since being shown a letter from Osborne to the Carré family in October 2010 in which he said that DWP had failed to provide a “substantive response” to his letter, despite its legal duty to do so within 56 days of receiving it in early April 2010.At the time the letter was received, DWP was headed by Labour’s Yvette Cooper, but a general election was called within days, and Duncan Smith replaced her as work and pensions secretary in May 2010 after the formation of the coalition government.*Osborne ruled that the trigger for Stephen Carré’s suicide had been DWP’s rejection of his appeal against being found “fit for work”, and he called in his Rule 43 letter for a review of the policy not to seek medical evidence from a GP or psychiatrist if the claimant has a mental health condition.Neither the Atos assessor who assessed Stephen Carré, from Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire, nor the DWP decision-maker who subsequently decided that he was fit for work and therefore ineligible for the new employment and support allowance, had sought information from his GP, his community psychiatric nurse or his psychiatrist.last_img read more

Another Porn Actress Alleges Abuse by James Deen at SF Missions Kink

first_img 0% Tags: • San Francisco Armory • sexual violence Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% A second porn actress alleges that she was sexually assaulted by co-star and porn celebrity James Deen at the Mission’s Kink Castle, and accused the BDSM porn studio of deleting her complaint about the incident from a online forum.Yesterday, Nicki Blue joined the ranks of now eight women who have publicly accused Deen of purposely violating the boundaries of his female costars – some of these violations, the women say,  include sexual assault, physical violence and rape.In an interview with the Daily Mail, Blue claimed that Deen raped her with a bottle at a Kink party in 2009, shortly after the two concluded a shoot together at the studio, located in the San Francisco Armory at 1800 Mission St.Although their off-set sexual interaction started with mutual consent, Blue said that things quickly escalated when Deen urinated in the young woman’s mouth without her consent. Blue was 21 at the time of the incident and a novice in the porn industry – Deen was her costar in her first porn film, shot at the Kink studio the day of the alleged rape.center_img In the interview, Blue further alleges that she complained about Deen’s misconduct on an internet forum set up by Kink, and states that her post was deleted.“I wrote about my experience with James Deen, saying ‘how can he get away with it,’ and they not only deleted by post but kicked me out so I was unable to post in the forum,” Blue told the Daily Mail. After finding herself blocked from the forum, Blue said she “gave up” on seeking help regarding the rape.Kink’s spokesperson, Michael Stabile, confirmed that Blue worked with the company for about six months after the alleged incident, but that she never filed a complaint, formally or informally.“No one ever mentioned that night or the conduct prior to the Daily Mail piece. We’ve gone through HR files, old employees, and anyone who might have been familiar with Nicki to see if there’s some way we missed it, and will continue,” said Stabile.In regards to the online forum, Stabile said that the company has attempted to pull up any records of Blue’s posts to the forum, “without any luck.” If Blue’s claims are substantiated, said Stabile, the company’s procedure would have dictated that the matter be brought to the immediate attention of HR, the company’s legal team, and production staff. “A sexual assault claim like that would never have been ignored,” he said.Since porn actress Stoya first alleged on Twitter on Saturday that she was raped by Deen, her former boyfriend and costar, the list of women speaking out against porn’s “golden boy” has grown considerably over the course of a week.Although Kink immediately cut professional ties with Deen when the news of Stoya’s rape allegations reached the company on November 30, Blue is not the first of the women to allege that they were abused by him at the Kink headquarters.Porn actress Ashley Fires said that Deen tried to have sex with her against her will in a communal bathroom at the Kink building. Tori Lux, who worked for in the past, said that Deen hit her repeatedly after she refused his advances “at a major porn set,” but would not specify where the incident occurred.Also this week, porn actress Lily Labeau said that while filming a live-stream BDSM group sex series for, Deen, who was not slated to participate in the scene but was present during the shoot, stepped into the scene and proceeded to torment Labeau with sexual acts that she had previously listed as strictly “off-limits.” Labeau described being “traumatized” after Deen placed his foot in her mouth, and she as a result, suffered from lock jaw.Amber Rayne and Kora Peters, two porn actresses who worked with Deen in the past, also attested to having painful experiences with him on-set. Performer Bonnie Rotten also said that she felt uncomfortable while working on scenes with Deen. It is unclear whether these three women were working for Kink while shooting scenes with Deen.Stabile did not confirm whether or not any of the incidents described by the women took place at Kink, although he did confirm that both Blue and Fires have worked for Kink in the past, and added that the company is looking into any incidents that could have possibly occurred at the studio.  The company has prided itself in valuing consent and being an ethical studio that supports performers and safety, in-house and throughout the larger porn industry.As of publication time, Stabile did not comment on whether the studio will pull any of its films that feature Deen, saying only that “right now is a real period of soul searching and reevaluation of our existing protocols.”He added that he expects to see new regulations and protocols encompassing off-set rights, on-set-limits and “confidential if not anonymous” reporting (of violations) in the coming week.“To find out that someone was exploiting the grey areas, or that people weren’t able to file, or didn’t feel comfortable filing, complaints is tremendously disheartening,” Stabile said. last_img read more

Developments in development awkward relief

first_imgDevelopments in Development is a “weekly” column recapping real estate, business, planning, zoning and construction newYou know, in a time when San Francisco reportedly saw the biggest year-over-year rent drop in the country and we keep hearing about how rents are slowing down, I really wasn’t expecting to see this monstrosity. Having a shower and toilet directly adjacent to a sad excuse for a kitchen might be bad enough. Trying to get someone to rent it for $2,000 a month? That’s legitimately frightening. Also, one might speculate, not strictly code compliant. My first thought is that San Francisco must be counterintuitively striving for its Gold Rush history of renting tents for the equivalent of more than a million dollars a year. Part of me wonders if that kind of situation is what people picture when they think of density — that we will be so densely packed into tiny spaces that there will be no room to breathe, let alone relieve oneself in peace. 0% Tags: development • Developments in Development • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% And lastly, plans have been submitted for a six-story development with eight units headed to 2976 Mission Street, near 26th Street, with the residential space over a commercial ground floor and no basement. The building continues, or tries to. Even in non hyperbolic terms, San Franciscans are discussing density all the time. One storage company has offered up one way to imagine how tightly we could be crammed in with a density visualizer. It’s a fairly straightforward tool, telling you how close together we would have to be to fit into less space and vice versa, but that to me seems like it’s only really useful if you have actually been to most of the cities you can set it to compare to.But there is more to city living than simply how closely together we are packed. It’s the type of housing that gets built, the way it looks, what the streets feel like. All of these are being debated in City Hall right now, in the form of battling proposals for affordable housing, the amount of family-sized units that should be built, and the endless stream of reviews of proposals based on what they look like. One of those reviews you may remember, because it was requested for a 100 percent below-market-rate housing project on 17th and Folsom streets based on a concern over height and sewage impacts.At the time there was a fear that that it would take months before that could go to the Planning Commission to get its second hearing before that body. But somehow it got on the agenda for this week — where a decision was delayed until next week because a prior item went on for so long that several commissioners already had left. On a happier, quality-of-life related note, San Francisco has completed its survey of its trees. Yes, the tree census is complete, and you can see its results in all their leafy glory here. Be warned that at first glance it looks like this city is bursting with plant life, but a lot of those green dots are empty planting sites. But how cool is this – I now know that one of my favorite trees is a purple-leaf plum, and that it has removed 119.3 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air. Meanwhile, Brava Theater continues to move ahead with its long-anticipated renovation. You can see the shell of new dressing rooms, a cabaret, and other structures begin to take shape:last_img read more

SF Mission District homicides down slightly in 2017

first_img 0% “This time last year we had three, so hopefully we’ll continue to work hard … I think that’s a significant accomplishment,” he said. At a press conference earlier last week, Scott said that homicides were up in the summer of 2017 compared to 2016, but said the city saw a slowing homicide rate by the end of year, which he attributed largely to the doubling of citywide foot patrols in September. (The foot patrols quadrupled in the Mission.) Last year, the city saw a 24 percent rise in property crime, with car break-ins in the Mission up 182 percent in the first seven months of 2017 compared to the same period the previous year, prompting calls for beefed-up enforcement from district stations. But Scott noted that violent crime will remain the top priority.  “We can only be effective with property crime if we keep our violent crime in check,” he said, “because the violent crime sucks up a lot of resources and is a huge priority for our city.”   Mission Local is tracking each homicide that occurs in the Mission District in 2018. Scroll through the maps below to compare information from 2016, 2017 and 2018. Homicides in the Mission District were down in 2017, with eight murders reported by the end of the year, compared to 10 homicides in 2016. In 2017, 56 homicides occurred citywide, compared to a total of 58 in 2016. The first homicide of 2017 took place on New Year’s Day, but 2018 did not see its first killing until last Thursday, when a 59-year-old homeless man was stabbed to death at 25th Street and Potrero Avenue.During a Police Commission meeting a day before this year’s fatal stabbing, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said he was proud to see a marked improvement in homicides between 2016 and 2017. center_img Tags: crime • Homicide • police • SFPD Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

ALEX Walmsley says Saints will head into their cla

first_imgALEX Walmsley says Saints will head into their clash at Huddersfield full of confidence following their best defensive display of the season.Keiron Cunningham’s men recorded their third win in a row on Friday to close the gap to the top four to just two points.But it was the defensive stint during the 12-10 victory over Widnes that pleased Walmsley the most.“We were happy with the win but it was a scrappy performance,” he said. “We have been guilty of leaking too many points this year so to keep a good attacking side like Widnes to 10 points is testament to our character in defence.“We have been close to putting in that kind of defensive performance before this year so it was good to see the consistency this time around.“Our attack wasn’t there though so we are still waiting for that 80 minute performance.“It’s no coincidence with the short turnaround that we weren’t quite there with our skill last week. We have a longer turnaround this time round and that will help.“Huddersfield are going well at the moment and have hit the form we expected of them. It is a big game; we need to make sure we go there with confidence and be well prepared.“We have been written off but we don’t take into account what people say. We are tight knit and work hard together. Our focus is on Huddersfield.“We want to play well, keep on building and take some form into the Super 8s. We have to treat every game like it is do or die.”Tickets for Saints final two games of the regular season are on sale.You can secure yours for Sunday’s trip to Huddersfield and the derby with Wigan by calling into the Ticket Office at Langtree Park or logging on here.last_img read more

Its a potential Grand Final rehearsal – and with

first_imgIt’s a potential Grand Final rehearsal – and with next week’s semi-final on the horizon Justin Holbrook will be looking for a good performance to continue the momentum following his side’s 34-14 win over Warrington.“I was really happy with how we played at Warrington,” he said. “It was always going to be awkward knowing we were playing them again in a couple of weeks, so we needed to do what we have done all year.“If the boys weren’t good to play then I didn’t play them – and those that did did a great job to come away with the win.“The youngsters played more minutes than what they’re used to. Jack Ashworth and Matty Lees played big minutes and Luke Douglas played the most minutes he’s ever played here.“We had the opportunity to give young James Bentley a run out as well and giving all of these youngsters another game and more minutes is great for us.“The approach this week will be similar again. A couple of the guys need the chance to freshen up, so will take that opportunity, but whoever runs out there will be ready to go.”He continued: “Roby will be back playing this week, as well as Louie and Kyle. Obviously it was good to give Dom and Morgan a game, but whoever plays will be ready.”Third-placed Castleford are right in form ahead of their semi-final at Wigan.“They looked a little disappointed with how the game against Wakefield panned out, so they’ll want a hard hit out before they play Wigan next week,” he added. “They’ve been a dangerous attacking team for a few years now and they have some real strike out there. It’s up to us to do a good job of stopping it.”Tickets for Friday’s game remain on sale from the Ticket Office, by calling 01744 455 052 or online here.last_img read more

It was a good game it was important for us to pl

first_img“It was a good game, it was important for us to play well today and I’m happy with how we went, we moved the ball well and we were sharp in attack and defended really well aswell.“Everyone did well, probably the most important thing other than the new boys was the return of Big Al, it was great to have him back and the way he played was a reminder of what he is capable of, it was a great feeling to see him back and playing well.“The first 20 mins, the game was end to end and it was what we needed, a good hit out in the build-up to Round 1”Saints face Wigan Warriors in the season opener, Thursday January 31 (7:45pm) and tickets are selling fast. You can buy yours at the Ticket Office, by calling 01744 455 052 or online here.last_img

NCDOT awarded 95M to extend Military Cutoff to US 17

first_imgThe project will extend Military Cutoff Road by four miles from Market Street to U.S. 17. (Photo: NCDOT) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The N.C. Department of Transportation has awarded a $95 million contract to extend Military Cutoff Road to U.S. 17 in Wilmington.The contract, awarded to Balfour Infrastructure Inc. of Wilmington, includes extending Military Cutoff Road by four miles from Market Street to U.S. 17. The project includes grading, paving, drainage improvements, sound walls, bridges and culverts north of Market Street. The contractor also will build interchanges where the road now meets Market Street and at the new intersection at U.S. 17.- Advertisement – RELATED: Hampstead BypassOnce completed in 2022, the Military Cutoff Extension will provide greater connectivity to Market Street and improve access to Ogden, Wrightsville Beach, Mayfaire and surrounding areas.To accommodate the new interchange, Market Street will be widened between Gordon Road and Middle Sound Loop Road. The improvements to Market Street include an updated drainage system; a concrete median to reduce crashes and improve traffic flow; upgraded drainage to remove water from the road and new on and off ramps.Related Article: NCDOT urging drivers not to return to Wilmington area, for nowThe relocation of utility lines on Market Street, as part of the pre-construction phase began in summer of 2017. Construction is scheduled to begin as soon as Jan. 2018, and is expected to be completed by spring 2022. Some lane closures will be needed but no detours are proposed at this time.This was one of nine road and bridge projects recently awarded by the department. They were worth about $275.3 million, about $12.7 million under engineer estimates.Click here to see a map of the project.last_img read more

YWCA hosts 33rd annual Women of Achievement Awards

first_img Since 1985, the organization has honored more than 400 women of achievement.“It’s such an important day for people to celebrate because a lot of times the work that women do is overshadowed and it’s not recognized and we want to take time to honor everyone that’s working so hard in our area,” YWCA Lower Cape Fear CEO Charisse Hart said.Adult recipients and their respective categories are: Jennifer Kraner, Arts Award; Kimberly Bankston, Business Award; Dr. Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, Education Award; Bonnie Monteleone, Environmental Award; Dr. Heather Davis, Health and Wellness Award; Sonali Batish, Public Service Award; Ashanti Gibbs, Rachel Freeman Unsung Hero Award; Rhonda Bullard-Dutton, Social Justice & Community Empowerment Award; Lauren Henderson, Trailblazer Award and Rebecca Clark, Volunteer Award. A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented for the first time since 2012 to The Honorable Robin Wicks Robinson.Related Article: YWCA to host 34th Annual Women of Achievement AwardsHigh school seniors were recognized in the Young Leader Category. Young Leader recipients and their respective schools are: Brianna Cunliffe, Laney High School; Mary Grayson Koonce, South Columbus High School; and Wallace Robinson, New Hanover High School. Each Young Leader recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship for their outstanding efforts in academics and volunteerism.Hart added the YWCA is always looking for volunteers to share their expertise and energy to give back to the community.For more information about YWCA Lower Cape Fear, click here. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wednesday is International Women’s Day, and in the Port City the YWCA Lower Cape Fear hosted the 33rd annual Women of Achievement Awards.The event celebrates outstanding contributions and achievements of women and young leaders in Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover and Pender counties.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Pender teen charged with possessing nude pictures of a minor

first_img He was being held in Pender County Jail on $35,000 secured bond.“The charge is in relation to nude photographs that Hall had on a cellular device,” Pender County Sheriff Spokesman Capt. James Rowell said.Rowell says the victim was 16 years old and Hall had the photos for a couple of years. PENDER COUNTY, (WWAY/StarNews) — An 18-year-old Hampstead man was arrested last week on charges he had nude photos of a minor, according to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office.William Triston Hall was arrested Dec. 26 on a charge of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, according to the Pender County jail website.- Advertisement – last_img

New Jersey lets Sandy victims vote via email

first_imgAdvertisement New Jersey residents displaced by Superstorm Sandy will be allowed to vote in Tuesday’s elections via e-mail or fax, the first time civilians in the state have been allowed to vote remotely.Despite some security concerns, the state announced the change to make it easier for voters who may have been forced by flooding, power outages or other storm damage to temporarily leave their communities. The directive also is intended to help emergency workers who are busy with disaster-relief efforts away from home.Under the New Jersey directive, displaced storm victims qualify as “overseas voters,” meaning they are eligible to vote remotely. To vote electronically, residents first must submit a ballot application by e-mail or fax to their county clerk. Once the application is approved, the clerk will e-mail or fax a ballot to the voter, who must send it back no later than Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. – Advertisement – In many states, remote electronic voting is already available to members of the military and U.S. citizens living overseas, but this marks the first time that civilian residents in New Jersey have been permitted to vote via e-mail.“This has been an extraordinary storm that has created unthinkable destruction across our state, and we know many people have questions about how and where to cast their vote in Tuesday’s election,” said Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno in a statement. “To help alleviate pressure on polling places, we encourage voters to either use electronic voting or the extended hours at county offices to cast their vote.”In recent years, as Americans have grown used to banking, shopping and socializing online, many have wondered why they can’t vote online as well. Canada, Sweden, Latvia and Switzerland all have experimented with Internet voting, and Estonia has allowed online voting for all of its citizens since 2007.But many critics argue that Internet-based voting systems are vulnerable to hacking. Critics also worry that electronic voting leaves no paper trail, making it more difficult to determine whether there has been tampering, or some other irregularity, in a close election.That may not be an issue in the presidential race in New Jersey, where President Barack Obama has maintained a comfortable lead over GOP challenger Gov. Mitt Romney in most polls.“Does e-mail voting make sense for New Jersey during this emergency? It’s hard to say one way or the other without a lot more information than has been released so far about how the system will work and how it will be secured,” wrote computer-security expert Matt Blaze in a blog post.“The security implications of voting by e-mail are, under normal conditions, more than sufficient to make any computer security specialist recoil in horror,” he added. “E-mail, of course, is not at all authenticated, reliable, or confidential, and that by itself opens the door to new forms of election mischief that would be far more difficult in a traditional in-person polling station or with paper absentee ballots.”In their announcement of the new directive, New Jersey officials did not explain how they will authenticate e-mails or faxes from voters. A call to Guadagno’s office seeking more details was not immediately returned.New Jersey residents can find contact information for their county clerk at the New Jersey Division of Elections website.Source: CNNlast_img read more

Frank Gashumba posts HIV Results on social Media

first_imgAdvertisement MALI Group of Companies CEO Frank Gashumba in a move to encourage people go for HIV tests has posted his test results on Social Media.The test results taken from Nakasero Hospital show that Mr. Gashumba is HIV Negative.[related-posts] – Advertisement – It is unknown whether the move from the motivational speaker will encourage others to do the same.In the comments section, he is encouraging those who doubt his results to go and take the test with him again.Below is the picture of the results he shared on his facebook profile. Do you think His move will encourage others to go for an HIV test? share your opinion in the comments section below.last_img

Kenyas Laptop Project Gets Fresh Funding

first_imgRwanda One Laptop per Child Project Advertisement THE government of Kenya is still keen to deliver laptops for individual children in lower primary. Although the laptop project has been bogged by a protracted court battle over irregular tendering, the government still has the will to deliver on this election pledge.Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich said the project would cost Sh17.4 billion to, “enhance access and transform the educational system through e-Teaching .”The e-learning entails, “laptops for our children, building capacity for teachers and a roll out of computer laboratories to all public schools for classes 4 to 8.” – Advertisement – [related-posts]This means the planned 1.2 laptops for class 1 children could is still be there, although Rotich did not mention the number of children as he revealed that computer labs for upper primary will be built.Free education at both primary and day secondary schools is set to be achieved in the next 3 years at a cost of Sh28.2 billion for day secondary and Sh13.5 billion for primary school.This represents a 33 per cent increased capitation of the current Sh1, 025 in primary schools while day secondary currently at Sh10, 265 will go up by 39 percent.Rotich said: “This would curb the many drop outs in school and also improve the quality of education.” New national schools have been allocated Sh600 million in a move aimed at reducing the high fees charged by these respective schools.TSC has Sh2.3 billion to recruit 5, 000 teachers while teachers’ welfare has Sh2 billion and Sh5.5 billion to promote teachers and implement the remaining phase of commuter allowance.To keep the youths in schools for skills, Sh6.4 billion has been to technical training institutes, Sh55 billion for university education and Sh540 million for village polytechnics instructors, which is farther support to county governments.But the Higher Education Loans Board got Sh5.7 billion which is short of the Sh8.8 billion requested. This amount could cause a reduction to the current Sh35,000 to Sh60,000 loans given out to students.Source: The Starlast_img read more

6 Pro Tips For Online Shoppers To Consider During Flash Sales

first_imgA user pictured purchasing for products online using a credit card. (Photo Courtesy) Advertisement Online shopping for sure came to our rescue. It is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to directly buy/purchase goods or services from a seller over the internet via web platform or mobile application using a range of different devices, such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablet computers or smartphones from wherever they could be.With hundreds of online retailing corporations such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, J.Crew, Target, to mention a few, they have a period of time where they offer abnormal discounts, promotions, and flash sales, to their customers who take this advantage to buy as much/many products they could afford. In this article we give a few tips to guide you during flash sales.1. Internet connection First things first, internet connection is a must for online shopping. Make sure that you have a fast and reliable internet connection – because the faster the internet speed, the faster the webpages will load on your device. This will help you in completing the entire buying process quickly. – Advertisement – 2. Product decision done before time To beat the flash sales, always make sure that you have decided on the products you want to buy beforehand. As the precious few minutes you spend in making this decision during the sale may end up in you losing out on the sale. So eCommerce firms announce when their flash sales will happen, so before then, always prepare as fast as you can.3. Log in a bit early before the flash sale starts With this, it gives you an extra time to complete the initial setup for making the purchase. By this, you can make your final confirmation on the products you decided to buy, quantity, and quality as well, how they will be paid for. Once the flash sale kicks off, select your products, add them to cart, checkout and you’re good to go.4. Refresh the products page and keep the cursor on the ‘buy now’ option As a matter of fact, you should always know it’s not only you eyeing for a particular product. So once you’ve logged into your account, head over to the flash sale page if any, or just go to that particular product(s) you want, keep refreshing until the product flash sale is made available. It’s advisable that your at least refresh every after 30 seconds. Then, ensure to keep your mouse cursor on the buy now button once refreshed. When the the product is available, purchase for it there and then.5. Use Cash on delivery as the mode of payment If the platform allows cash on delivery (CoD) as a payment option, we strongly recommend this during such times. By using cash on delivery option, you can check out relatively faster than any other mode of payment that require verification and so forth. Thus, saves time of entering card details and waiting OTP messages.6. Save your payments details in advance This follows the previous tip (5). Like I mentioned before, if your preferred eCommerce platform accepts CoD, I opt you go for that because it’s much easier, safer, and faster. But if it doesn’t, they your can choose your preferred payment option. All in all, during flash sales always see that you’ve saved your payment details in advance. This looks at the delivery address as well.[related-posts]last_img read more

Merseyside stalemate

first_img[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome great midweek Premier League fixtures starting with the Mersyside Derby at Anfield tonight between Liverpool and Everton (obviously !).Both teams are enjoying good runs in the Premier League with just a point splitting the arch rivals in favour of Liverpool who are an odds-on chance to win tonight with Star Sports.Certainly, they have held the ace cards in recent encounters and you have to turn the clock back to 1999 for Everton’s last win at Anfield which came courtesy of a Kevin Campbell goal in 1999.Since then it’s been one way traffic….HEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Max last 10 only)Nov 2013 Premier Everton 3-3 LiverpoolMay 2013 Premier Liverpool 0-0 EvertonOct 2012 Premier Everton 2-2 LiverpoolApr 2012 FA Cup Liverpool 2-1 EvertonMar 2012 Premier Liverpool 3-0 EvertonOct 2011 Premier Everton 0-2 LiverpoolJan 2011 Premier Liverpool 2-2 EvertonOct 2010 Premier Everton 2-0 LiverpoolFeb 2010 Premier Liverpool 1-0 EvertonNov 2009 Premier Everton 0-2 LiverpoolLatest team news:Liverpool (from): Mignolet, Kelly, Skrtel, Toure, Flanagan, Gerrard, Henderson, Sterling, Coutinho, Suarez, Sturridge, Jones, Cissokho, Smith, Allen, Alberto, Moses, Ibe, Aspas.Everton (from): Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Stones, Baines, Barry, McCarthy, McGeady, Osman, Mirallas, Naismith, Lukaku, Robles, Hibbert, Heitinga, Gueye, Vellios, McAleny, Traore.Liverpool are unbeaten in their last eight Premier League home matches, only dropping points in the 2-2 draw with Aston Villa last time out. They have scored at least twice in each of those games, and managed three goals or more in six of them.Impressive stuff, but to be fair to Everton their record away from home recently has also been impressive and the Toffees are unbeaten in their last seven Premier League away matches (W3, D4) .A draw looks the interesting option – mind you I said the same last night in the Real Sociedad game which finished 4-0 RECOMMENDED BET (1-10 points)4 points DRAW at around 11/4 with Star SportsRUNNING RETURN (JANUARY): PROFIT 6.72 POINTSWhat’s your view? CALL STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321last_img read more


first_imgHORSE RACINGHennessy (Newbury Saturday)Drumacoo 33/1 > 20/11.00 LingfieldCesar Et Rosalie 9/2 > 9/42.45 SedgefieldNakadam 5/1 > 7/23.20 SedgefieldOxwich Bay 6/1 > 7/23.35 WexfordSandycove Island 12/1 > 7/1CHAMPIONS LEAGUEUEFA Champions League Group Stage19:45 BT Sport 2 / BT Sport 2 HD7/4 Monaco 13/8 Tottenham Hotspur 23/10 DRAWUEFA Champions League Group Stage19:45 BT Sport 3 / BT Sport 3 HD / BT Sport 4K UHD4/6 Leicester City 9/2 Club Brugge 11/4 DRAWBET WITH STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Tuesday 22 Novemberlast_img

STARTERS ORDERS Sat Movers Specials

first_imgHORSE RACING3.45 MusselburghRita’s Man 9/2 > 3/15.35 BeverleyNarodowa 10/3 > 2/1Knockout Blow 8/1 > 9/28.50 LingfieldVodka Pigeon 25/1 > 10/19.05 StratfordGet An Oscar 11/2 > 9/4FOOTBALLInternational Friendly20:00 FreeSports9/1 Tunisia9/2 Spain2/7 DRAWBET NOW or 08000 521 321 Welcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Saturday 9 Junelast_img

£25 CASH Arsenal v Man City

first_img£25 CASH IFCITY WIN BY 2 OR MORETo celebrate the launch of our brand new betting site we are giving all NEW CUSTOMERS £25 CASH if CITY WIN BY 2 OR MORE.You simply need to open an account and place a bet at evens or above, of at least £10, on any market at between 9am on Sunday 12 August and 4pm on Sunday 12 August. TERMS AND CONDITIONS(1) This promotion is for new account holders only. To qualify you must open a new account at anytime from 9am on Sunday 12 August to 4pm (GMT) on Sunday 12 August.(2) In addition you must place at least one bet online with before 4pm (GMT) on Sunday 12 August. The bet must be for a stake of £10 (or more), on a selection at evens or above, on any market as displayed on the web site.(3) The bonus promotional offer if CITY WIN BY 2 OR MORE.(4) If, for any reason, the event(s) do not take place or are declared void for betting purposes this offer will also be voided.(5) The bonus, if successful, will be paid as £25 CASH within 48 hours, direct to your online account.(6) Usual Star Sports Betting Rules and Terms and Conditions apply, these can be viewed at This promotion can only be used once per person and per account. Only one bonus can be awarded per person, household, shared computer or shared IP address.(8) Star Sports reserve the right to withdraw or refuse this promotion at any point.(9) If you have any further questions about this promotion you can contact our customer service team read more

Rice Professor Wins National Award for Bioengineering

first_imgAddThis Share Contact: Philip Montgomery Phone: (713) 831-4792 Rice Professor Wins National Award for Bioengineering Tony Mikos, the T.N. Law Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, has been named the recipient of the Whitaker Young Investigator Award for hisresearch on tissue engineering. The Biomedical Engineering Society presents the Whitaker Young Investigator Award each year to a single scientist to stimulate research careers in biomedical engineering. Mikos will receive the Young Investigator Award at the society’s annual fall meeting inTempe, Ariz., in October. The Biomedical Engineering Society gave Mikos the award in part because of his past research and in part for a paper, which demonstrated the feasibility of creating scaffolds or templates upon which to regenerate metabolic organs and tissues. Scaffolds provide supporting structures and guides for organ regeneration. For instance, a scaffold for a bone would help the bone cells grow in the proper manner. Scaffolds are usually composed of biodegradable polymers similar to the common internal surgical stitches thatdissolve in the body.”Individual cells do not perform organ functions,” Mikos said.”In order for cells, such as liver cells or cartilage cells or bone cells, to act like the native organ, they need to interact with each other. This is what we’re trying to do with synthetic materials. We’re trying to mimic the natural environment or the extracellular matrix by providing a scaffold for the cells to attach, grow and form new tissue.” In the past, Mikos has successfully grown liver cells in a polymer scaffold in rats, a feat that has attracted national attention. More recently, his research has focused on bone regeneration. In 1993, Mikos received an Orthopedic Research and Educational Foundation award to pursue bone regeneration research in conjunction with Michael Yaszemski, an orthopedic surgeon at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. Mikos also received a 1993 National Science Foundation grant to purchase equipment to study the degradation of the polymers used to build bone scaffolding. Rice University is an independent, coeducational, nonsectarian private university dedicated to undergraduate teaching and graduate studies, research and professional training in selected disciplines. It has an undergraduate student population of 2,572, a graduate and professional student population of 1,375 and a full-time faculty of 448. ###last_img read more