Second victory for Kilburn’s Higgins

first_imgAlan Higgins’ second professional bout ended in another quick victory, with the Kilburn middleweight stopping Richard Hadju in the second round.The fight took place in Seinäjoki, Finland, as Higgins’ trainer CJ Hussein also works with Finnish cruiserweight Juho Haapoja, who was in action on the same bill.Higgins enjoyed an impressive debut, stopping Emmanuel Moussinga in the first round at Bethnal Green’s York Hall in July.See also:Perfect start for Kilburn boxer HigginsHiggins wins on professional debutHiggins eyeing victory number three Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Neanderthal Mocking Had No Basis

first_img(Visited 536 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 More evidence rises to indicate that Neanderthals—icons of brutishness—were every bit our equals, if not superior.The trend to rehabilitate Neanderthal Man after 150 years of disdain continues apace. Previous articles showed that these fully-human brethren made cave art, buried their dead, migrated long distances, made exceptional tools, cooked with fire, and left their imprint in our own genomes (proving they were members of our own species). They certainly exceeded most of us in hunting prowess. Now, a study of their arm and hand bones shows they had manual dexterity, too. Michael Marshall explains at New Scientist:Neanderthals could hold objects between finger and thumb, just like we would hold a pen, because their hands were more nimble than anyone thought.The finding helps explain the many skilful [sic] tasks Neanderthals have been shown to have performed, like making tools, painting on cave walls, carving patterns into bird bones and threading sea shells onto string to make jewellery. These activities were hard to explain if they were clumsy.Like most Darwinians, Marshall commits the Tontology fallacy here, suggesting that all of us thought like Darwinists. “More nimble than anyone thought”— hey: creationists are part of the class “anyone.” They have always believed Neanderthals were fully human. Marshall should have said, “more nimble than Darwinian racist bigots thought,” because it’s only the Darwinists who used to put down their brethren who are no longer here to defend themselves.The actual scientific work, published in Scientific Advances, was fair overall, except for the Darwinese in the opening:Reconstructing the habitual behaviors of fossil hominins is vital for understanding the biocultural factors driving human evolution. Manual activities specifically hold particular interest, as they provide insights into the evolution of tool making and use, an essential human adaptation. A fundamental objective of human evolutionary research therefore addresses the manipulative capacities and behaviors of fossil hominins compared with modern humans…From there, the authors have little to say about evolution. They effectively dismantle the false belief that modern humans were better at grasping than Neanderthals were. Detailed analyses of bones shows very little if any difference. Nevertheless, the four European authors continue to contrast Neanderthals with “modern” humans, instead of welcoming the long-disparaged tribe into the modern circle where they belong.Put a suit on a Neanderthal and most people wouldn’t notice the difference.At The Conversation, Francis Wenban-Smith joins the rehabilitation party, but only partly. His article, titled “Neanderthals were no brutes – research reveals they may have been precision workers,” is overshadowed with a model of Neanderthal Man barely improved over the old racist artwork: a dirty, hairy, unkempt male. How does he know they were not well-dressed men and women who took care of their looks the best they could? Like Marshall, this Darwinian archaeologist speaks in Tontological terms. Before reading the quote, ask who was guilty of thinking wrongly about these people. Was it Bible-believers or Darwin-believers? We’ll indicate the Tontology terms with [T] symbols.Neanderthals were until quite recently often seen [T] as simple-minded savages – powerful hunters with a short attention span. But in the last few years, scientists [that is, Darwinian ‘scientists’] have realised that they were a lot more refined than previously thought [T] – capable of caring for the vulnerable, burying their dead and even adorning themselves with feathers and beads.Now new evidence, published in Science Advances, reveals that the Neanderthals were also more similar to modern humans in their physical expression than previously thought [T]. The study, which analysed Neanderthal hand and arm bones, reveals that these individuals didn’t actually rely primarily on force in their daily activities – they used precision grips just like we do.Strike three. In this [T]-ball game, Wenban-Smith can’t escape the fact that he thought wrongly about Neanderthals himself. Why, they most likely could been big-league champs at hardball. Where was this upstart before it became cool to praise Neanderthals? [27 June 2018]. Using past-tense, passive-voice verbs doesn’t fool the umpire. Will anybody believe his excuse?The surprise here is not that Neanderthals have been shown to have an adaptation involving manual dexterity and a precision grip, but rather that this should ever have been a matter of doubt….…this is a valuable and robust piece of research that reinforces what should now be the wide acceptance of Neanderthals as complex and sentient beings equivalent to ourselves.He’s saying, I was never a bigoted racist. I always knew Neanderthals were as good as white people.Darwinians had a long history of ‘scientific racism’ and white supremacy.Yeah, right. Preach it, brother. You come from a long line of Darwinian ideologues who looked down on non-Europeans as savages. If you were sincere, you would give your fellow Darwinians a severe tongue-lashing for their century-long bigotry. Maybe you should read Dr Bergman’s book The Darwin Effect to learn just how bad Darwinian racism got. Start with what Charlie himself said in The Descent of Man about white races eventually exterminating the “lower” races. Proceed through the writings of Karl Pearson and others like him, and learn how Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger advocated abortion as a way to get rid of non-white undesirables. Read with horror the genocides committed in Africa and Tasmania by Darwinists.As part of their penance, Darwinist anthropologists should be forced to watch the new documentary Human Zoos from the Discovery Institute, which documents how Darwinian racists actually put black people on display in zoos next to the apes to demonstrate the progress of Darwinian evolution. Maybe that punishment is not strong enough. Maybe Darwinians should enter the zoos themselves to experience what their predecessors did to black people. Now that we all should know that Neanderthals were “complex and sentient beings equivalent to ourselves,” let us recall to mind our favorite Neanderthal Man, Joachim Neander, for whom the tribe is named (he was the Christian landowner on whose land the first Neanderthal bones were dug up). Let’s cleanse our souls of Darwinian racism by singing together the magnificent words Joachim Neander wrote in his well-known hymn, Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation. Give your Neanderthal brethren the front row, along with all tribes, nations, tongues, and peoples (Darwinians, step to the rear, please, and hang your heads in shame and reverence as we sing).Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,the King of creation!O my soul, praise Him, for He is thyhealth and salvation!All ye who hear,Now to His temple draw near;Sing now in glad adoration!2Praise to the Lord, who o’er allthings so wondrously reigneth,Who, as on wings of an eagle,uplifteth, sustaineth.Hast thou not seenHow thy desires all have beenGranted in what He ordaineth?3Praise to the Lord, who hath fearfully,  wondrously, made thee!Health hath vouchsafed and, whenheedlessly falling, hath stayed thee.What need or griefEver hath failed of relief?Wings of His mercy did shade thee.4Praise to the Lord, who doth prosperthy work and defend thee,Who from the heavens the streams ofHis mercy doth send thee.Ponder anewWhat the Almighty can do,Who with His love doth befriend thee.5Praise to the Lord! Oh, let all thatis in me adore Him!All that hath life and breath, comenow with praises before Him!Let the AmenSound from His people again;Gladly for aye* we adore Him.*Scottish term for “always,” pronounced as long A.last_img read more

A Messiah for Streaming Music: Playdar

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… dana oshiro Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Let’s face it: the music industry is broken. Labels charge stations and providers exorbitant fees; independent sites have little chance of recouping their costs; and in the end, the listening experience is fragmented and confusing. In our current model, a company like Grooveshark pays a fee for your stream even if you have access to a song via a separate paid subscription service or download. In other words, labels are getting paid twice on songs you already own the listening rights to. In order to change that, Playdar offers us a chance to search for music by artist and song as well as access the files we already own. While services like Twones aggregate Web-based music profiles, Playdar goes one step further by scanning local files, network files and the Web to find a match. With Playdar, users allow the tool to scan their desktops, networked machines and music subscription profiles before streaming a Web-based alternative like or Imeem. As streaming music competitors Rdio, MOG and Spotify race to launch in the US, Playdar may be the advantage they need to reduce costs and load times. Playdar ensures that if you’re a music startup company and your users already own a track, you don’t have to pay for them to enjoy it again and again. While the project may seem ambitious, Playdar creator Richard Jones is already a veteran of the music startup scene. In his third year of college, he created Audioscrobbler – the technology that now powers‘s music recommendation engine. Armed with his knowledge of, as well as help from the creator of the XSPF music playlist format Lucas Gonze, Jones has yet another chance to build a music discovery engine. To try out some early demos and applications, visit Tags:#start#startups last_img read more

IAS officer alleges sexual harassment by senior

first_imgA Haryana cadre woman IAS officer on Sunday levelled allegation of sexual harassment on her senior officer — a bureaucrat of the rank of Additional Chief Secretary.The woman wrote in a Facebook post that she was being sexually harassed by the senior officer, and she has sent complaints to the President, apart from other government departments.In her post, the officer wrote that on last May 18 and May 19, the senior officer called her to his office after 5 p.m. and kept her till 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. respectively.The woman officer added that on May 22, the senior officer summoned her to his office and asked her to mend her ways or face consequences. “He scolded me for writing comments on files that highlighted the wrong-doings in the department and warned me of transfer within two months. On May 31, the officer asked me not to write any noting on the files and also threatened to spoil my annual confidential report,” said the post.The post further said that on June 6, the woman officer was again summoned by the senior officer at 5 p.m. “While I was sitting on the chair, the senior officer asked me to come on his side of the table. As I moved to the other side, I found his behaviour very inappropriate and immediately returned to my chair… not only this, another senior woman IAS officer verbally told me not to file any written complaint of sexual harassment,” the post said.While demanding a probe into the matter, the woman officer has urged that all the CCTV footage of the office of the senior officer should be checked. She has also raised apprehension pertaining to her security and sought police security.“My security has been withdrawn, regarding which I have informed the Director General of Police and other senior officers. I am under constant fear that I could be physically harmed,” the woman officer has written.Meanwhile, the Haryana government has set up an internal four-member committee to investigate the allegations. Dismissing the allegations levelled against him, the senior IAS officer has termed the charges “baseless and false”.last_img read more

BJP wants poll panel to take note of Congress leaders’ posters with caste names in Patna

first_imgPosters of Congress leaders identified with their castes dotting the main thoroughfares of Patna has stirred controversy with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanding that Election Commission should take note of it.At one huge billboard near Income-Tax chouraha (thoroughfare), Congress president Rahul Gandhi, all State Congress leaders along with state party in-charge Shaktisinh Gohil, are identified with their respective castes.The Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee was revamped recently with Madan Mohan Jha being appointed as its president.In another billboard the leaders have been identified with their caste names in bold fonts.The posters thanked their top party leadership for constituting a new State Congress Committee and setting an example of social harmony.Meanwhile, State BJP leaders criticised the posters saying this shows “how the Congress plays caste politics.”“We demand from the Election Commission to take note of these caste posters of Congress leaders which is an attempt to play caste politics ahead of the general elections,” State BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand said.He also demanded an apology from Mr. Gandhi “for playing such brazen caste politics ahead of Lok Sabha polls.”last_img read more

Surat building fire: Gujarat moves to enforce fire safety in buildings

first_imgShaken out of apathy by the devastating fire at an illegal structure in Surat that claimed the life of 22 students, the Gujarat government on Sunday asked builders of more than 9,000 properties, including over 1,100 in the diamond city, to equip themselves with fire safety installations within three days or face closure. “It is a bad wake up call, but we will initiate strict action to ensure this does not happen again anywhere. We are very sad about the fire in Surat,” Gujarat Chief Secretary J.N. Singh told reporters here. He said notices had been issued to 9,965 properties in Gujarat and as many as 713 teams had been deployed for the purpose. Mr. Singh said between Saturday and Sunday, at least 50 properties in Surat had been sealed for violations of fire safety norms. As many as 1,123 properties in the city have been issued notices for not adhering to fire safety norms. The official said Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, who had immediately rushed to Surat on Friday after the fire tragedy, was “very disturbed and wants strictest action.” As many as 22 students studying at an arts coaching centre on the covered terrace, which became the fourth floor, of a three-storey building Takshashila Arcade in Surat’s Sarthana area lost their lives in the huge fire on Friday. They were in the age group of 14 to 17 years. Fourteen students are still under treatment at four hospitals in Surat with three in intensive care units, official sources said. Mr. Singh said the Surat Municipal Corporation had suspended Deputy Chief Fire Officer S.K. Acharya and Fire Officer Kirti Modh for ignoring fire safety norms on the dome of the fourth floor of the building. The building did not have a no-objection certificate from the Fire Department.last_img read more

Former Olympic hockey star Prithipal Singh murder sends shock waves throughout India

first_imgIt took a fusillade of bullets to gun down police chief A.S. Atwal outside Amritsar’s Golden Temple and destroy any immediate hopes of an agreement between the Centre and the Akali leadership over the latter’s uncompromising demands. Last fortnight, another deadly hail of bullets killed a much-loved sportsman and revealed,It took a fusillade of bullets to gun down police chief A.S. Atwal outside Amritsar’s Golden Temple and destroy any immediate hopes of an agreement between the Centre and the Akali leadership over the latter’s uncompromising demands. Last fortnight, another deadly hail of bullets killed a much-loved sportsman and revealed the extent to which the law of the gun rules the troubled state.Though unconnected with the Akali problem, the brutal murder of former Olympic hockey star Prithipal Singh, 51, in broad daylight in the sprawling campus of the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU), Ludhiana, sent shock waves throughout the country.If Atwal’s murder showed the militant extremism of the Akali hard core, the killing of Prithipal finally brought home to the rest of the country the brutal fact that Punjab’s problems are not confined to a mere question of river water and shifting of state capitals.Widespread Condemnation: Perhaps if Prithipal had not been the international figure he was the slaying would have just been another statistic in Punjab’s mounting death toll. An Arjuna Award winner, a Padma Shri who thrice represented India in the Olympics as the best short-corner specialist in the game, Prithipal was obviously the tragic victim of campus politics. Arriving at the PAU campus, where he was director of the student welfare programme,Prithipal Singh: Victim of campus politicsPrithipal had barely parked his motorcycle outside his office when two youths pulled out revolvers and pumped four shots into his head and chest in full view of over a dozen university officials. It was 8.20 a.m. and despite the fact that the university was stirring to life, the assailants calmly strolled to a waiting motorcycle and sped away.Though Prithipal’s slaying received widespread condemnation, it was certainly not the first on the faction-ridden campus. A decade-old political brawl between warring unions, and intense rivalry at personal levels, has so far claimed at least half a dozen lives on the campus, the latest being on April 21 when Piara Singh, another sportsman, was killed in a gun-fight with Ashok Kaushik who also distinguished himself on the sports field.Another victim has been P.S. Randhawa, general secretary of the Punjab Students Union (PSU), a front organisation for the T. Nagi Reddy group of Marxists. Since then, incidents of violence have become a regular feature at the university and Prithipal Singh, as the man in charge of student welfare and discipline, was sucked into the conflict though not with the kind of finality he imagined.advertisement In fact, at the time the sports star was killed, a commission of inquiry was being conducted to examine the causes of the campus violence.Disciplinarian: University sources say that Prithipal’s strict disciplinarian methods and his crusade to clean the campus of toughs and trouble-makers brought him inevitably into a head-on clash with the PSU elements. It was he who urged the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Sukhdev Singh, to take immediate measures to stop the violence.It was largely as a result of his efforts that a senior Punjab government official, B.B. Mahajan, was appointed to conduct the commission of inquiry. “We were keen to put an end to the trouble,” says Sukhdev Singh, “but the steps we had taken like banning liquor and turning out bad elements were obviously not enough.”However, there were ample warnings that Prithipal was singled out for retaliatory action. He had been publicly warned by PSU leaders and blood red posters on campus walls had warned: “Khoon ka badla khoon” (blood for blood) a reference to their charge that Prithipal was shielding their rivals.The police were concerned enough to post a police picket at the university and even assigned an armed guard to Prithipal. Unfortunately, the ex-Olympian was too proud and considered an armed guard a sign of cowardice.In the face of strong protests from his brother-in-law, former state finance minister Balwant Singh, he brusquely told the police to remove the guard and make better use of him elsewhere.So far, police have arrested over two dozen PSU activists and express confidence that Prithipal’s killers will be caught soon. But that will not be easy considering the manner in which violence and gun battles in the university have been allowed to escalate unchecked. It would be Prithipal’s finest obituary if the wave of revulsion at his death succeeds in bringing back some semblance of discipline to the campus – an objective he was unable to achieve in life.last_img read more

Son Heung-min says ‘sorry’ to Tottenham for taking break for Asian Games 2018

first_imgTottenham Hotspur’s South Korean striker Son Heung-min is all set to represent his country at the upcoming Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia but also felt sorry about leaving his club early on in the Premier League season.Son, who was recently handed a new five-year contract with Tottenham, is one of the three overage players to be named in the South Korean squad or the Asian Games football tournament, starting August 14.For the Asian Games, Tottenham have agreed to release Son after their opening Premier League match at Newcastle United on August 11.”I feel sorry because Tottenham is my team and I feel very sorry to be leaving my teammates,” Son was quoted as saying by ESPNFC.”I am playing for my country and that is also important, but honestly I feel very sorry about that. That is what I feel,” Son said.”We can talk about (the national service) afterwards. We haven’t won it already. We are going there to win something, and winning trophies for my country is always good. I don’t travel there for nothing.”Son was South Korea’s star player at the recently-concluded FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia but they failed to advance from their group that consisted of Sweden, Mexico and Germany.South Korea lost their opening two matches to Sweden and Mexico but pulled off an upset of the ages by knocking out Germany of the tournament with 2-0 win. However, that could not save their fate in the World Cup.Son and his teammates would want to erase the pain of that early World Cup exit by winning gold at the Games in Indonesia.advertisement”It was disappointing but we finished well against Germany,” said Son.”Our country was happy because they were No.1 in the FIFA rankings and the defending World Cup champions. For me, the tournament was disappointing because I always expect more than the group stage. I wanted to stay longer than we did. But it was a good experience to play at the World Cup and I look forward to playing in another four years.”Also read – Son Heung-min: South Korean star’s shades of tears at World Cup 2018When questioned about teammate and World Cup’s Golden Boot winner Harry Kane, Son said: “Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world. That is why he has won the Golden Boot twice in the Premier League and once at his first World Cup.”He deserved it as well because he worked really hard. He will come back with a lot of confidence and I think he can win another Golden Boot.”(With IANS inputs)last_img read more

ATT and Comcast say theyve hit new milestone in fight against robocalls

first_img Comment AT&T Comcast Mobile Tech Industry Getty Images One way wireless carriers are working to stop the flood of unwanted robocalls is through authentication systems that verify caller IDs. One drawback so far has been that these systems work only on calls to and from the same provider. On Wednesday, AT&T and Comcast said they’ll offer call authentication between networks later this year. Customers will be able to see verified calls from all participating carrier providers. AT&T and Comcast’s authentication system is the industry’s first to verify calls between separate providers, according to the companies’ release. The two carriers verified calls earlier this month between AT&T’s Phone digital home service and Comcast’s Xfinity Voice home phone service, the companies said in the release. “While authentication won’t solve the problem of unwanted robocalls by itself,” the companies said, “it’s a key step toward giving customers greater confidence and control over the calls they receive.”This comes after the Federal Communications Commission said carrier companies need to implement robust call authentication systems this year. In February, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said companies should get the systems installed by the end of 2019 or the FCC will consider “regulatory intervention.” Share your voice 1 Tagslast_img read more

Pompeo to visit Delhi before ModiTrump meeting

first_imgUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that he will be visiting India later this month to build on “an incredibly important relationship” that is “closely tied economically”.Pompeo’s visit will take place as the two countries get ready for a meeting between a newly re-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump during the G-20 Summit on June 28 and 29 in Osaka, Japan.In preparation for his visit, Pompeo will be outlining to Indian business leaders in Washington on Wednesday “what we’ve been working on for my entire time here in the Indo-Pacific”, he told reporters at the State Department on Monday.Pompeo’s focus on economic ties comes amid stresses in trade relations from Trump’s America First policy and priority to cut trade deficits.”I’m looking forward to the opportunity both to give the set of remarks about how it is our relationship is so closely tied economically, but also importantly the things that the United States and India can continue to do to build out what is an incredibly important relationship for both countries,” he said.Modi and Trump are to meet during the G-20 Summit hosted by Japan in Osaka on June 28 and 29.Pompeo described India as “an important part of President Trump’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific”.His visit to the region starting on June 24 will “broaden and deepen our partnership with key countries to advance our shared goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific”, State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said on Monday.”Prime Minister Modi’s recent election victory provides an excellent opportunity for him to implement his vision for a strong and prosperous India that plays a leading role on the global stage,” she added.After India, Pompeo is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka.Pompeo is to deliver the keynote address on Wednesday to the two-day India Ideas Summit of the US-India Business Council on “The US and India: An Economic Foundation for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific”.India has been in Trump’s trade crosshairs. The US ended tariff concessions to some imports from India under the General Scheme of Preferences earlier this month accusing New Delhi of not giving “equitable and reasonable access” to its markets.India was also hit by Trump imposing 25 per cent tariff on steel imports and 10 aluminium imports last year. India has threatened retaliatory tariffs on agricultural imports from the US.Trump has criticised India several times over import duties on Harley Davidson motorcycles, which are a favourite of a section of his base, and whiskey, a product of Kentucky state that was one of his electoral bastions.India has also criticised the US tightening restrictions on H1-B professional visas that affects technology workers from India and moves to strip the spouses of the visa-holders of work permits.India has also been affected by the harsh oil sanctions on Iran and Washington’s refusal to extend the exemption given to New Delhi for buying oil from Teheran.The trade diplomacy baton appears to have been passed on to Pompeo from Trump officials with primary responsibility. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, the principal negotiator, did not make an expected visit to India last year and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross cancelled a visit in February.Although Trump’s Indo-Pacific strategy that places democracies India and the US as “bookends of stability” for the region is girded by shared defence interests, the economic factor has also been introduced into it.Late last month, the Quad countries — India, Australia, Japan and the US that are the key players in balancing China in the Indo-Pacific — discussed leveraging the power of the private sector by encouraging “transparent, principles-based investment in quality infrastructure”.This would be a strategy to counter China’s economic diplomacy that promotes infrastructure development in its quest for global influence.The US wants to increase military hardware sales to India and Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Clarke Cooper, who oversees defence sales, visited India days after the Indian elections.The State Department said before his visit that the agenda was to focus on “expanding our security cooperation, and furthering opportunities for American industry” and noted that US-India bilateral defence trade has risen from virtually zero in 2008 to $15 billion now.But India buying the Russian S-400 anti-missile defence system could be a roadblock to the US expanding military sales to India.The US has retaliated against NATO partner Turkey over its planned purchase of the system denying the sale of F-35 stealth jets and restricting training for its air force.While Washington opposes India’s purchase of the S-400, it has not directly threatened sanctions. Pompeo is expected to try to persuade India to drop the purchase and offer alternatives.last_img read more